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Live Painting: Entertainment Meets Art with Torregrossa Fine Art

There is no doubt that live event painting has become increasingly popular. It adds a level of fun, but also sophistication and sentimentality, to any wedding. It also allows couples to have a piece of fine art that truly captures them as a couple on what is their most special day. “[T]he painting itself is one of the few things [couples] will bring home and display after the wedding, and it was created with sheer magic. It also seems to be the most tangible way to include relatives who have passed on, which is what makes these paintings so endearing and special,” explains experienced event painter in Louisiana, Stephanie Torregrossa Gaffney with Torregrossa Fine Art.


What is Live Event Painting?

But what is it really? It is when a painter or artist sits down at a wedding to capture a moment in time with a canvas. Every artist has their preferred medium, and the sky is the limit. However, Torregrossa reminds us that couples should make sure they are educated about their options before selecting a painter. As she explains, weddings are important events, so it should never be the time for the painter to experiment. When asked about her preferred medium, Torregrossa says “I use acrylics for live painting, because I am comfortable with how the pigments layer and dry, however I’ve been using oil paints in my studio for a few years now, and I intend to offer oil paintings as an option for brides in the near future.”

Torregrossa Fine Art Event Painting


What Scenes are Popular Among Couples?

So what are some popular scenes requested among couples? Coming in second place are the ceremony or the ceremony exit, according to Torregrossa, but hands down the number one most requested scene is the first dance. “It’s a romantic and/or lively scene, which is usually set in the beautifully and intentionally decorated reception space, and can be painted with a crowd of either recognizable or silhouetted guests.”

Torregrossa Fine Art Event Painting


What’s the Cost to Hire a Live Event Painter?

Let’s talk budget… the price point for hiring an artist varies based on location, experience, and popularity. Although, it doesn’t have to break the budget — “[s]ome new artists start at around $1,000, while more experienced, renowned artists . . . charge $10,000 or more,” according to Torregrossa.


Meet the Expert, Stephanie Torregrossa Gaffney of Torregrossa Fine Art

Stephanie is an experienced event painter who describes her painting style as “stylized realism” — and modestly notes that the facial features and proportions of her characters are generally delightfully recognizable. She is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, but travels for her couples.

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