22 “Yes, Please” Wedding Send-Off Ideas

    When you’re planning your wedding, keep in mind every detail is customizable. That stands true for your grand wedding exit. There are so many ways you can exit your wedding, from the traditional rice toss to the more popular sparklers. Couples are getting more and more creative, though, and the photos from their wedding are proof of how much fun they had in that moment. Walking hand-in-hand to your getaway mode of transportation, it’s the final moment of the evening where your friends and family celebrate you and your union. Make your wedding exit one for the books, because it may mean the end of your wedding, but it’s only the start of forever.

    There are so many ideas when it comes to a memorable send-off, but here’s 22 incredible send-offs we love!


    1. Sparklers

    Light the way to forever in style with a sparkler send-off. This exit has become increasingly popular in previous years. It’s the ultimate celebratory moment and looks great when captured on film.

    2. Streamers

    Pick streamers that are colors in your palette so that it matches. It’ll make it pop in the wedding photos.

    3. Balloons

    Releasing balloons is a fan-favorite, because guests and couples love watching them fly up into the sky.

    4. Bubbles

    Bubbles can’t help but make you smile. They’re whimsical and can bring you back to your youth. Plus, if your venue doesn’t include clean-up in their package, bubbles pop so no clean up required.

    5. Flower petals

    Tossing flower petals is a timeless send-off that couples love for the lingering romantic feels florals leave in its wake. Flowers are a symbol of love, and their beauty adds to the ambiance.

    6. Ribbon wands

    Fancy and fun is what we like to call ribbon wands. Which is why having your guests wave them will be yet another beautiful moment.

    7. Bells

    The sound of ringing bells is one that brings people joy and pleasure, because of its soothing musical sound. It’s romantic, and perfect for a winter wedding.

    8. Glow sticks

    Waving glow sticks simply screams party. And after the planning is over and your finally married, that’s just what it is - time to party!

    9. Palm fonds

    Eco-friendly, and a great idea for a beach wedding. Walk along the sandy beach as your guests are fanning palm fonds your way.

    10. Confetti

    Tossing confetti is beautiful, and the perfect moment for you to share a kiss. For an eco-friendly approach, try biodegradable confetti.

    11. Handkerchiefs

    Anyone have a handkerchief? Because after a couple’s send-off it’s a necessity. If you didn’t cry at the ceremony, or the first dance, or even the cake cutting (okay, so we obviously love love), waving or even tossing handkerchiefs are beautiful. Not to mention, they’re a lovely keepsake. You can have them monogrammed, or use them as your guestbook, where each guest can write on them. Just make sure you use a fabric marker so it keeps.

    12. Bird seeds

    A perfect environmentally friendly alternative to the infamous rice send-off.

    13. Sprinkles

    If your the couples planning on having a funfetti cake, then this send-off is splendid for you, and quite delish if you ask us.

    14. Feathers

    Tossing feathers are whimsical and romantic. Plus, they make for great photos. Have you ever watched a pillow fight in a movie? It looks just as cool when captured on film at your wedding.

    15. Lavender

    Romance is already in the air, so why not add the beautiful smell of lavender wafting through the air?

    16. Sky lanterns

    You and your guests can release sky lanterns before your make your getaway. A perfect activity for nighttime, you can release one and maybe even make a wish, watching as they fill the night sky and fly up, up, and away.

    17. Glitter

    Beautiful and classic!

    18. Doves

    White doves symbolize new beginnings, which is why releasing them is the perfect way to begin your forever together.

    19. Butterflies

    When you first started seeing each other you probably felt butterflies in your stomach? What better than releasing butterflies as you exit your wedding? After all, they’ve been there through it all.

    20. Beach balls

    A divine idea for a summer wedding, especially if it’s a beach one.

    21. Fall leaves

    Planning a fall wedding? It’s inspired to watch as fall leaves are thrown your way. On cue with the season, and, therefore, your wedding, nothing says a fall wedding like autumn leaves.

    22. Rice

    Lastly, the infamous rice toss. This is an age-old tradition that couples love to keep.