5 Types of (Wedding) Showers

    Did you know there are many different types of showers to host? Of course a bridal shower is the most well-known shower whereby the bride is celebrated with her closest family and friends in attendance (sometimes that may include the groom’s mother and sister(s), etc.).

    5 Types of Showers

    1. Couples shower — This shower is designed for the couple and both of their close family and friends. It is to bring everyone together as they celebrate the couple and gift them with various items.

    2. Kitchen shower — There are so many appliances a kitchen needs. It may be one of the most important rooms in a couple’s home. That’s why this shower is designed to help a couple stock their kitchen with all of the must-haves, as well as anything else guests believe the couple would like to help design the kitchen and make it their own.

    3. Lingerie shower— Ladies, this is all about the intimates! At this shower guests gift the bride with sexy intimates like lingerie, robes, sleepwear, massage oils, and more, for the bride on her wedding night and honeymoon.

    4. Linen shower — Get out the duvets, it’s time to help design the couple’s bedroom. To lend a helping hand, guests can gift the couple with useful linens for the bedroom, even things to spruce up the room.

    5. Honeymoon shower — Honeymoon registry anyone? Guests take this shower as an opportunity to go through the couple’s honeymoon gift registry and shop what they want.

    Typically, the invitation will state the type of shower and where they can go to find the couple’s gift registry so guests know what gifts to bring and shop accordingly.


    Note: this is not a comprehensive list and there are many other showers you can host. Mix and match and get creative!