5 Wedding Favor Ideas

    The party’s not over ... yet! Once you leave with your significant other, the wedding may be over, but while your personal party with your spouse is just beginning, your guests are left with wedding favors to open. These can vary, but basically it’s something fun and exciting that keeps the party going for your guests. It’s a thank-you, if you will, as well as a reminder to the guests of your wedding. We’ve accumulated our top five wedding favor ideas for you and your significant other to give your guests. Of course, any favor will do — it’s all about personalization and customization — but sometimes it’s nice to leave your guests with some pizazz too.

    1. For a spring wedding, we love the idea of giving out a mini pail filled with a small shovel, maybe even a set of gardening gloves and packets of flower seeds.
    2. Miniature wooden boxes that are carved with your names and the date of the wedding.
    3. Miniature bottles of champagne with a tag on them of your names as well as the date of the wedding.
    4. Boxes of chocolate, because who doesn’t love something sweet?! Feel free to customize this, maybe by putting the date of your wedding on the top of the box.
    5. Custom candles using the colors from the color palette of your wedding.

    It’s always nice to customize and personalize your wedding favors, and there’s so many ideas to do this. Basically, each couples’ favors are different, because they’re usually designed to remind guests of them and their beautiful wedding.