Achieve the Soft Glam Hair and Makeup Look for an Old Hollywood Inspir – Wedding Day Match

Achieve the Soft Glam Hair and Makeup Look for an Old Hollywood Inspired Wedding

Today we have a special topic for those looking to achieve the Old Hollywood soft glam look for their hair and makeup. It is certainly on trend and has made a “swift and prominent comeback in the bridal beauty industry,” as hair and makeup artist Kacie Faulling with Lashes and Lace can confirm. In fact, she has given us plenty of insights we can share with you so you can get the look yourself. So let’s get right to it so you can channel your inner glam goddess.


Soft Glam Hair

The most recent wedding season has shown just how popular vintage looks, like those inspired by Old Hollywood, have become again. In fact, Faulling tells us, “We have seen a huge upward trend in down styles. . . . We are frequently requested to give our clients soft waves all flowing in the same direction with one side of the hair tucked tightly behind the ear, with the other given a voluminous bang. Finger wave patterns have returned. [Another option is] a sleek part, typically down the middle, tucked behind both ears, followed by soft, s-waves. While a lot of our brides have requested the same look, they change it up [with] their varying hair accessories and veils.”

Hair accessories and veils are indeed one way to make a statement and set yourself apart from the trend. Plain and simple — they can be playful! And we love the vast array of possibilities so much we are even going to highlight various options in our summer issue of Celebrate Weddings. Although, sadly you have to wait until May for that, but until then, for this trendy look, Faulling suggests, “Hair combs, clips, and veils of all shapes/sizes can be used to dress up a simple, sultry wave. My favorite lately for vintage down styles is a classic, simple headband.” But that’s not all, “the classic birdcage veil that sweeps over the brow” has also made a comeback, according to Faulling.

At the salon, she notes they’ve “also had a lot of brides who wear just a veil for the ceremony and then switch over to a fun headpiece for the reception. It's a fun quick-change option without the cost of a second dress!”


Soft Glam Makeup

It’s not just about the hair, as you well know. It’s also about the makeup. And while we’ve already shown you some Audrey Hepburn inspiration this week, there are so many more possibilities! At her Charleston salon, Faulling has seen brides “opting for a clean look with light, wispy false lashes, a vintage-inspired wing liner but with a shadow base for softness, and a cool-toned contour. Unlike traditional vintage styles, [her] brides are currently opting for more of a natural lip to make their eyes and hair the primary focus.

“A variety of color palettes can be used to achieve a vintage-inspired look as every skin tone will require a varying tone of concealing, base, etc. for optimal results. The focus is to keep the coloring clean and neutral, leaning away from bold, dominant colors. A soft beige on the lid, for example, would work best for this look to ensure the lashes and soft liner are primary focal points. Soft contour in a cool tone is also going to be better suited versus a bright blush for this look,” Faulling explains.


A Word of Advice

Final advice from Faulling: “Don’t select a look just because it is ‘on trend’. Your wedding photos are meant to last a lifetime, so it is important to find a look that is true to who you are. If you are a bride who has always been inspired by the roaring ‘20s, then I say go for it! That being said, it is a bold statement so ask yourself if you will still enjoy photos of yourself with this makeup look and hairstyle ten years down the road.”


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