Choosing a Color Palette

Color is everywhere. It makes everything more vivid and more special. The right color combination can set the tone for your entire wedding, which is why it should be the first real decision you make. A wedding color palette influences the décor, such as flowers and bridesmaid dresses. You can’t make those decisions without first knowing your color palette, which is no simple task.

The best way to start is to think about colors you like. What colors make up the things you love most and do the colors of the elements that you like make them your favorite? Another way to approach this decision is turning to the season — when are you looking to tie the knot and what colors make up the season? And if these ideas don’t help, then go back to the basics — look at a color wheel, what colors speak to you?

As you endeavor to find your color palette, remember there is no right or wrong here. It’s all about finding what you love and what best represents you and your significant other. Are you loud and daring? If so, maybe warm, vibrant colors like yellow or orange are a good starting point. Maybe your love story is beach-themed, in which case blues and beiges might be better.

Don’t be afraid to push boundaries, find off-beat shades and have fun with this project. Once you have an idea, your wedding planner should be able to guide you and help you find the right ways to incorporate your color palette.

A word about color — it’s not right for every couple; sometimes couples want the simple, understated elegance of a black and white wedding, with only those shades present, and that’s okay. If you think you’re leaning in that direction, consider selecting a third color to make it really pop, but there’s no hard and fast rule that you need a third color — it’s all about what’s right for you!