Craving High Fashion? Moira Hughes Couture Just Dropped the Alchemy Co – Wedding Day Match

Craving High Fashion? Moira Hughes Couture Just Dropped the Alchemy Collection

You know that rush you get when you something you absolutely love and immediately begin picturing you having it, wearing it, strutting in it — Bottega Veneta boots, Hermès handbag, Cartier necklace, Balenciaga dress… ‘k so I’m a brand-name type of girl (if you’re judging, don’t). Well, that’s what happened when I first saw one of Moira Hughes’ couture wedding dresses. If my eyes could’ve turned into the emoji with the hearts in ‘em, they would’ve. This is le dress I’m talking about:

Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection

Carina (literally made for dancing the night away), a sparkling dress with sheer tulle sleeves adorned with a linear sequin feature.

That’s from the New Alchemy Collection, BTW 

What’s the Alchemy Collection?

Moira Hughes, Founder and Designer of Moira Hughes Couture, discusses the collection and shares, “Love is the alchemy that transforms ordinary things into precious ones.” 

It’s time for you to go into the world of Alchemy with this collection that is “inspired by the magical process of transformation, where something flat takes form and shape. [T]his collection embodies the essence of creation and metamorphosis. Much like an alchemist turns base metals into precious ones, this collection skilfully plays with the fluidity of drape, the incorporation of pearls and crystal, transformative additions, and hand-beaded details.

“In Alchemy, you'll discover gowns that go beyond the traditional, where each is a testament to the artistry of transformation. Alchemy is designed for the bride who seeks something truly distinctive. It’s for the [bride] who embraces transformational details and craves a touch of high fashion and personality in her gown. A gown that is meticulously crafted to be an extension of her identity, a dress that feels like ‘her.’” 

Dresses from the Alchemy Collection

These dresses aren’t just garments; they are reflections of the bride’s inner essence. —Moira Hughes

 Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection

Lyra, a traditional gown with an elongated waist, Jacquard detail, featuring a longline corset and ballerina cinch belt with removable statement puff sleeves.


Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection

Lennox, a subtle sweetheart neckline all in textured satin with ruched elements and detachable draped off-the-shoulder sleeves.


 Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection

Juniper, an A-line gown with an illusion boatneck, tulle and organza twirl layers, adorned with pearls, petals and ornate beading of crystal detailing.


 Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection

Ode, a halter neck and illusion pearl back with contouring seam lines.


Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection 

Solis, a V-neckline with cap sleeves and intricate beading.


 Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection

Oriana, a daring low back with sleeves embellished with hand-sewn pearls.


Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection 

Adelite, an A-line illusion overlay skirt and detachable halter neck.


Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection 

Aster, a long puffy-sleeved jumpsuit.


 Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection

Tide, an A-line gown with pearl accents.


Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection 

Windsor, a classic dress with a high slit and ultra low back with hand-sewn pearls.


Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection 

Dawn, an A-line gown with a translucent V-neck illusion bodice that’s cinched at the waist by a beaded tulle belt, featuring a low-V back.


Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection 

Ora, a short tuxedo-style dress with pearl lapels and three-quarter sleeves in rich textured crepe.


Moira Hughes Couture Alchemy Collection 

Seren, a romantic silk chiffon gown.


Photos courtesy of designer

Meet the Designer

Moira Hughes Couture

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  • That halter neck on Adeline is pretty cool…and it come off so ceremony can be different.

  • That tuxedo dress ❤️


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