Decadent Chocolate Wedding Favors and Gift Ideas You and Your Sweetie – Wedding Day Match

Decadent Chocolate Wedding Favors and Gift Ideas You and Your Sweetie Will Adore

Chocolate is a popular sweet treat for many occasions, weddings included (and of course, Valentine’s Day … *hint hint* ;)). It seemed only fitting we bring you some wedding favor ideas that are dipped, molded, and everything in between using what else but chocolate! To offer some real life advice, we got with Julie, owner of Dolce Confections, a New York (and online!), family-owned chocolate and confectionary shop.

Couples are looking for more creative options for wedding favors, according to Julie, and we know chocolate fits the bill because it is so versatile. So let’s get right to it with some ideas from her shop.


Wedding Favor Ideas

Custom, Themed Chocolate Molds

Julie explains that molds can be pieces that are bagged or popped. Some popular molds she notes are that of a bride and groom, wedding rings, and champagne bottles. She also tells us that dropping the molded chocolate in bags is the most popular way to present them.

Chocolate Truffles

Similar to molds, chocolate truffles are small, bite-sized pieces, which Julie tells us are typically presented in boxes.

Personalized Chocolate Bars

The best way to personalize the chocolate itself is by writing on it, which Julie typically does on bars. “We write the couple's name and weddng date. We can also attach customized stickers and tags on products we create,” she explains.

Hand-dipped Pretzels

Pretzels covered or dipped in chocolate can then be sprinkled with a variety of colorful candies that make them as visually appealing as they are delicious.

Theme-decorated Cookies

Bagged cookies, in a variety of chocolates, is an excellent way to appeal to the most number of guests. Sweet treats always delight!

Hot Cocoa Mixes

This one is an idea we simply had to throw out there, because we love it so much, especially for winter weddings. Imagine being a guest who gets the most adorably wrapped or arranged mug and mix packet with a personalized ribbon or sticker. How could you not love it?

A Little Pinspiration for You

Since the possibilities are endless, we put together a board that will make your mouth water. So go ahead and look below, then please take a second and compose yourself, we’ll wait.



The Nitty Gritty

Knowing some ideas, you may be wondering what type of chocolate to go with, and how much this is going to set your wedding budget back. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered.


Milk, Dark or White Chocolate

We always suggest you go with your favorite as a couple, staying true to your likes (or dislikes as the case may be). However, if you want to know what’s the most popular, Julie tells us that at her shop, it’s milk chocolate by a landslide. Although, she explains, “For weddings white is also commonly used if you are displaying bride-themed molds.”


Cost & Budgeting

This will vary greatly based on factors such as the chosen favor, quantity, and region, but with so many shops offering online ordering these days, you can shop around for the right price if need be. For Dolce Confections, Julie reports the average cost for 100 guests runs between $250 and $500.

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