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Everything You Should Know About Filming Your Wedding Day Prep

Getting wedding-ready can be tons of fun. It’s a time to share laughs, memories and everything in between with your besties and family. It’s also a time to feel your best, look your best, and simply let others dote on you — few things trump this moment. Why not capture it on film? Don’t worry, if you’re not convinced, we got with Kevin from Heartline Films, who has shared lots with us about filming wedding prep.


Filming Wedding Prep

Having one or more videographers surround you on your big day is natural, it’s to be expected. You want to capture all the moments, and that starts with your prep time. As Kevin puts it, “Wedding prep is SO important to a wedding film! After all, your film needs somewhere to start.”

And don’t be shy about getting in there with your friends, giving toasts, laughing or crying. It’s all about the memories, after all. So while Kevin explains they on occasion, for example, get requests to not shoot with the guys because they may be camera-shy, remind them of the importance of that time. “We certainly do our best — [during prep] and throughout the day — to be as inconspicuous as possible; we don’t want our presence to take away from a couples’ big day! If that’s the case, we usually stage some prep shots closer to the ceremony to fit in the film.”

Heartline Films Wedding Videography

Heartline Films Wedding Videography

Above all, as Heartline Films’ Kevin tells us, it’s about the people and the memories, not the details “because that’s really what’s most important, but we do make sure to get shots of rings, dresses, suits, and whatnot! We typically begin shooting when hair and makeup is just about done and capture everyone hanging out, pouring mimosas, and enjoying the time before the wedding day really begins.” Indeed, it is a time to enjoy and that is something you’ll want to remember and look back on with the same fondness you do sharing your vows with your S.O.

Heartline Films Wedding Videography


By the Numbers

Not all videographers are the same, just the same with their packages and pricing. However, if you think filming your prep can’t be done, you may want to think again. Heartline Films, for example, makes it possible — as others likely do too. Keeping with Heartline Films as an example, Kevin tells us that their wedding days are usually between an eight and eleven hour day. “We personally don’t charge any extra for any extra filming time; it’s hard to create a great film without integral parts of the day. Many videographers do charge for extra hours and I believe it’s completely worth it to get video coverage from makeup to exit!”

Additionally, at Heartline Films, they offer two videos — wedding and documentary, both of which include prep, “but the documentary film spends more time with the wedding party!” So those memories are put to film for a lifetime of looking back on those memories.

Heartline Films Wedding Videography

The Best Part

Of course, we asked Kevin for his favorite memory when filming this time, and he tells us: “It’s not a specific memory, but I love filming everyone hanging out and getting ready because it gives us an opportunity to get to know everyone and get everyone comfortable with cameras being around. It really helps set the tone for the rest of the day and put people at ease.”

For an example of a film that includes bridal prep, check out this tidbit: 

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