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Everything You Should Know About Hair Extensions

Long, flowing locks are definitely obsession-worthy. Especially on your wedding day! They work whether you want them to put your hair up in a dramatic and voluminous way or leave it down. But not everyone has long hair, and unfortunately it doesn’t just grown on command. The answer: hair extensions! So if you thought the choice to get hair extensions was simple, then you’d be right (and wrong). Let’s be real: hair extensions have evolved immensely and no longer require a trip to the salon, so they’re easy-to-use and a great choice to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your already beautiful mane. But there are so many decisions that come into play, and we recommend you consider all of the different angles (*see what we did there) before you make an appointment (or shop them to DIY) to add length and body to your hair. So, we got with Maggie Mae, beauty artist and owner of Blossom Beauty, to give you all the juicy deets on hair extensions and everything you need to know when considering them for your wedding day.


Hairstyles that Benefit from Hair Extensions

This is sort of the best part. . . . Mae tells us, “all hairstyles can benefit from extensions.” Now, whether they’re necessary for every hairstyle is a different question, and, according to Mae, “extensions can be used to add length, to add fullness or to add both. If [you don’t] need or want extra length or fullness, then extensions aren’t necessary.” But if adding length or thickness is something you want, then whether you’re planning on wearing your hair down on your wedding day, in a long classic ponytail, or even in a bun, hair extensions can work for you.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room — you’re a hair extensions virgin. No bigs! If you’re planning on using them for the first time on your wedding day, then Mae recommends you do your research to find the right type of extension for you and see the differences between all of them. We told you, so many decisions, but luckily for you, we’ve got you covered right here. ⬇️


3 Types of Hair Extensions

You’ve got your semi-permanent choices, such as versatile tape-ins, beaded, sew-ins, and glow-ins; or if you’re looking for something more temporary, then you can look to halos and clip-ins, both of which you very easy to attach yourself.

Semi-permanent Extensions

Mae explains that semi-permanent extensions are “great for those that want thicker, longer hair on more than just the wedding day. These require an extension specialist to install and require regular maintenance appointments.”

You want to make sure you don’t hesitate on getting these done and leave them to the last minute. At least 8 weeks before the wedding day, you should look to install them. This gives you time to “get used to them and learn to take care of them properly. It also allows for a move up appointment right before the wedding,” Mae tells us.


Temporary Extensions

You don’t need to break these in as much, so you can simply add them on your wedding day. This makes these ideal for those last-minute decision-makers (hello, myself included !).

Halo Extensions

If you’re looking for a DIY hair extension option, then the fact that this is easy-to-use and doesn’t require professional help might make this the right choice for you. Halo extensions are best for those “who want thicker, longer hair on the[ir] wedding day and would love to be able to easily ‘re-wear’ their extensions for special occasions.”

Clip-in Extensions

While halo extensions can easily be re-worn and are DIY-friendly, clip-in extensions are a little less so. “They can absolutely be ‘re-worn,’ but are a little more challenging to place on your own. If you only want to wear them on your wedding day or are fairly hair-savvy this is definitely a great option,” Mae explains. As with halo extensions, these are perfect if you’re looking for thicker, longer hair just for your wedding day.

Clip-in extensions are Mae’s favorite for the wedding day, saying it’s because “they allow the most flexibility in placement. I can put them exactly where I need them to get the best result for the look the bride has selected. Sometimes with semi-permanent extensions I have to ‘adjust’ the hairstyle in order to hide the extension track.” And nobody wants that!

Hair extensions wedding

Hair extensions brides



Mae uses and recommends Bellami clip-in extensions, because “the hair is of the highest quality and they have numerous colors to choose from.”

She also explains “halo extensions can also be a great choice for brides wanting to wear them again after the wedding day. For those, I recommend Halo Couture.”

But when you’re shopping for either clip-in or halo extensions “it’s incredibly important that clip-in extensions are 100% Remi human hair. Otherwise, heat styling can melt the extensions,” Mae warns.


Coloring Hair Extensions

Of course, you want the extension to match or blend in with your color, but coloring your extensions “should only be done by a professional,” Mae informs. “Unlike natural hair, extension don’t grow back, so any damage done by coloring is harder to repair.”


Cost of Hair Extensions

Ahhh… Now for the unpopular but ever-so-important aspect — price. It depends on which type of hair extensions you decide upon. However, for semi-permanent extensions “you can expect to spend $600+ for the hair and initial installation. Additional move-up appointments will be required every 8 weeks at an additional cost.”

The price for halo extensions start at around $450 and for some vendors, like Blossom Beauty, “the package may include the Halo Couture piece, preparation with proper products, installation on your wedding day, and a hanging storage case.” 

Clip-in extensions start at around $200 and, similar to halo extensions, some vendors may have a package that includes them along with preparation with proper products, installation on your wedding day, and a hanging storage case.

Now, if you choose to purchase halo or clip-in extensions on your own, then “you’ll likely be required to pay an additional installation fee on the wedding day. Typically, those fees are $50-$150 and account for the additional time required to prepare and install the extensions.”


Banner photo by Vanessa Joy Photography; the rest courtesy of Blossom Beauty

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