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Farm Fresh Seasonal Food with Farm-to-Table Catering Menus

Ready to make your mouth water? You will be. Farm-to-table wedding catering menus have gained popularity, and rightly so. The idea is to take seasonal foods and turn them into a delicious dish your guests will eat up. They boast simple recipes with clean ingredients that can be locally, regionally, or globally inspired. This is something that is important to Kelly Barnes, owner of Graze & Gather Casper in Wyoming, so we had to get the scoop from her on all things farm-to-table for weddings.


The Appeal of Farm-to-Table Wedding Menus

Plain and simple, for Barnes, it’s the clean eating and sustainability of the food. “It's nature, and that, in itself, is beautiful, but when you add these beautiful foods to the menu, I believe it's even that much more elevated and the fresh flavors are unbeatable!”

While these menus can be served up in a variety of styles, Barnes notes that she loves serving them up family-style, explaining, “Gorgeous platters down the center of the table become the centerpiece and everyone can pick and choose their favorites!” This vision also works for a buffet-style set-up where guests can serve themselves.

Wedding buffet catering idea

Wedding catering ideas caterer


Farm-to-Table Extends to the Wedding Cocktails

The idea of using farm fresh ingredients in food can also be applied to serving up beverages or cocktails. Many drinks incorporate herbs and spices, and that freshness makes all the difference. As Barnes notes, “Being able to add fresh rosemary or mint to a beverage or muddling fresh berries or a fresh pepper will completely change the flavor profile, which is SO much fun!”


Climate Concerns and Wedding Seasons

It’s true that by sourcing local or regional foods, fresh from the farms, can be a challenge, especially with today’s climate changes. However, that doesn’t make it impossible. It all depends on where you’re located and what kind of caterer and chef you’re working with. For example, Barnes operates Graze & Gather Casper out of Wyoming, and she says, “We have a very harsh season here so winter supply is limited which makes things difficult, but also allows our chef to be pushed creatively. I do love the ability to change our menu to optimize the produce coming in though. I also believe our customers appreciate the ever-changing menu and being able to try new flavors.”

Gone are the days of a one-size fits all catering menu for weddings. In fact, Barnes doesn’t believe in that idea at all, which is what benefits her consumers. And she’s not alone, many caterers can accommodate these requests if they want to. They have options and as Barnes suggests, it’s all about finding a caterer that fits the theme you’re looking for. So don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions and challenge the caterer you have in mind, because in many cases, it may just inspire them to create their best and most purest menu for you and your wedding.


Brunch Menu Ideas to Inspire

Avocado toast wedding catering

Avocado Toast


Wedding caterer Graze and gather Casper Wyoming 

Salads with Fresh Berries


Graze and gather Casper Wyoming

Flatbread Pizza


Charcuterie board Graze and gather Casper

Charcuterie Boards


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