Graze on Local Foods with Graze and Gather Casper – Wedding Day Match

Graze on Local Foods with Graze and Gather Casper

When it comes to wedding planning, selecting a caterer is such an important piece of the puzzle—the caterer and their menu will be what keeps guests satisfied and gives you the sustenance you need after a long but exciting day. But these days, wedding catering has become about so much more than just food, it’s now about presentation and experience, too. The Barnes family knows a thing or two about what delights wedding couples and their guests, which is why Graze & Gather Casper has been hailed as one of the best in Wyoming for their event catering by their customers.

Run by matriarch Kelly Barnes, Graze & Gather Casper - Catering & Foodtique proudly serves Wyoming with their farm-to-table grazing meals, providing convenient, stylish, and healthy food services to their clients. They have redefined what wedding guests can expect from caterers by creating experiences that are delicious for the taste buds and eyes!


Why Graze & Gather Casper

Placing importance on healthy food options, they prioritize sourcing products locally with a regional reach for produce from “USDA hydroponic facilities, ensuring the highest level of flavor and health benefits of the products,” as Barnes notes. The gourmet meats for their charcuterie and grazing tables come from top producers and small farms, the same of which is true for their dairy sources, most of which are imported.

And once the food makes its way to their kitchen, all their meals are prepared by a culinary-trained chef who customizes menus and accommodates dietary restrictions. After all, it is all about you, and at Graze & Gather Casper it is their mission to best serve their clients by “find[ing] the newest, freshest, and best tasting products.”

Graze and Gather Casper Wyoming Caterer

Oh, and did we mention that Graze & Gather Casper was the first in the state of Wyoming to specialize in grazing meals? What could be better than that—perhaps that they strive to be completely authentic in the food and flavors they offer. You will never find them sacrificing quality for cost, as their mission is to bring you the best they can!


An Abundant Dining Experience

The options are plentiful with Graze & Gather Casper—offering grazing boxes, platters, lunch service, full catering, and private chef services. So whether you want lunch or are hosting a bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, or intimate ceremony and wedding reception for a few guests, or a grand affair for many, they’ve got you covered.

Graze and Gather Casper Wyoming Caterer

Graze and Gather Casper Wyoming Caterer

Grazing cups start at ten dollars ($10) for a minimum of six (6).

Grazing platters start at $70, serving three (3) people and including a variety of three (3) gourmet meats, three (3) artisan cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, crackers, imported olives, and nuts.

Grazing tables start at $25 per person and are fully customizable, making this option the ultimate wedding catering pick for couples! The “tables come with an abundance of gourmet meats and artisan, imported cheeses, nuts, crackers, breads, fresh & dried fruits & vegetables, delicious dips, and all accompaniments. They also include fresh, imported greenery or flowers, bamboo plates, silverware, and display pieces along with delivery and set-up of your beautiful table buffet,” according to the Barnes family.

And what’s more, if you’re looking for a fun dessert station, they offer candy grazers, starting at $45 and featuring sweet treats sure to delight guests of every age, including: fruit, candy, and/or popcorn.


A Family Affair

Kelly Barnes and her husband, Dan, are true foodies and they delight in sharing their love for food and cooking with their family, friends, and now clients. Starting Graze & Gather Casper in February 2019, they knew they wanted it to be family-owned and operated, so it made sense that their son, Brant, who just so happens to be a culinary-trained chef, would move back to his hometown to run their kitchen and menu. And from time-to-time, if you stop in locally, you’ll see his sisters lending a hand, too.

Give them a shout and consider booking them for your next Wyoming event so everyone can “graze and gather around.” They can be reached by phone at 307-337-1121. And to make your mouth water, follow them on Instagram @GrazeandGatherCasperWY or Facebook @GrazeandGatherCasper.

Photos courtesy of Graze & Gather Casper


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