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Holiday Wedding Invitation Ideas for a Winter Wedding

The holidays can be a magical time of year and having a holiday wedding is even more special, which is why the holiday season is such a popular time to get married for many couples. As we approach that season, we decided it was important to delve into all things holiday wedding invitations. And we figured who better to chat with than expert Marci Guttenberg, owner of An Affair to Remember by Marci, a Florida company.


Color Palette Trends for Holiday Wedding Invitations

This year, in particular, Guttenberg tells us, is all about thinking outside of the box. “There will be fewer structured opportunities for couples to showcase their style and color selections, and the holiday season will undoubtedly be more widespread to show their flair. While champagne and neutral colors will play a massive role this year, with light color trends, darker hues will not be gone but may take a back seat in the presence of color,” she explains.

Specifically, Guttenberg notes “greenery will become more popular with sage or emerald with cream or brown [and] metallics will incorporate touches of gold, silver, copper, or rose gold.” Additionally, she predicts, “deep jewel tones will be present for those looking for a bolder style with [picks like] magenta, dusty blue, sunflower yellow, and dark rose.”


Palette Ideas for Holiday Wedding Invites

Guttenberg knows a thing about brainstorming invitation ideas after consulting and working with so many couples, so of course we couldn’t not bring you a few of her ideas for wedding invitations this holiday season. And we think you’ll find there is something here for everyone. Her seasonal invitation ideas include:

  • “Modern neutral tones including cream, nude, brown, grey, and white”
  • “Monochromatic blush with a variety of blush pinks and berry pinks”
  • “Romance-inspired with shades of blues from pale periwinkle to a more vibrant cornflower and colorful florals”
  • “Icy winter wonderland with light blues and silvers”
  • “Elevated boho with ivory, terracotta, rust, taupe, and olive”
  • “Moody gothic with beautiful and edgy burgundy, deep purple, and black”
  • “Chic moody winter [to] include a darker styling of eggplant, deep green, and black”
  • “Timeless, classic black and white with gold, perfect for a New Year’s Eve wedding”


Textures for Holiday Wedding Invites

Materials and textures always play a part in creating the perfect wedding invitation, and there are many options to choose from. The same is true when planning a holiday or winter wedding. Consider ideas like foil for its shimmery appearance or linen because it is a winter classic.

However, Guttenberg suggests, “With various options, layering elements by mixing patterns, papers, and dimensions will be high on the element list.” So it sounds like you don’t need to decide to have one over the other. “Paper materials include handmade options, linen paper, vellum jackets, acrylics, laser cut, leather, or suedes. While printing options may vary from form to paper, foils, soft holographic, and letterpress will all be at the top of the printing list [this year],” she explains.


Design Ideas for a Winter Wedding

Designs vary for wedding invites just as they do for wedding themes, and ultimately it is up to the couple tying the knot — as should always be the case. Indeed, while some designs work better with some textures over others, the whole decision-making process is dependent on the couple and what they want. So while there are many design ideas, especially for a winter wedding, the best advice Guttenberg has is to “throw caution to the wind and choose something that inspires you as a couple. . . . opt for pieces that reflect the two of you as a whole. If you two love the snow, you may opt for a laser-cut design that resembles snowflakes or a foil printing to reflect the shimmering lights of a luxe winter.”

Photos courtesy of Elise van der Lee Photography, with credit to Bare Lettered for the stationary, The Flower Studio Altamonte for the flowers, and The Mrs. Box for the ring box.

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