How to Write Your Wedding Vows

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of being engaged and everything that comes with planning a wedding that writing vows might’ve slipped your mind. Maybe you decided not to, and that’s okay. But for those of you who are willing, it’s one thing to write wedding vows and another to share them with your significant other and closest friends and family. Vows are typically deep and sentimental, but sometimes quirky and fun. There’s really no designed path to follow when writing them. We advise you to go wherever your heart leads you. Be true to yourself and be inspired by the love story you and your loved one share. In theory, it’s nice to share the good parts of your relationship and anecdotes of incredible times you’ve shared, but, the truth is, a relationship has good and bad. No one is perfect, and that’s usually what makes them that much more lovable. If they're willing to stand up there and commit themselves to you in front of all of your friends and family, then they've likely seen you through the most of it, and you them. That’s why when writing your wedding vows it’s about the true essence of what makes you a couple, but also the little things. Do you vow to make them their favorite soup if they are sick? Do you vow to watch Sunday football with them? Do you vow to keep on loving them? If so, share it with them. Share what you’re feeling. Similarly, their vows can express the same — how they'll pick up the dry cleaning or watch chick-flicks with you. By staying true to yourself in your vows you’re letting your significant other know how much you love them, and sharing the innermost specifics of your relationship with the people you love.


    A handy tip: vow to stick by their side, because two is better than one. Happy Planning!