JFYI Halfpenny London’s Latest Collection Presents Exaggerated Volume – Wedding Day Match

JFYI Halfpenny London’s Latest Collection Presents Exaggerated Volume and Sheer Tulle

The features on each of the styles in Halfpenny London’s new “Balance: Chapter Two” collection is literally what makes the dress and all-in-all the inspiration (read: story) behind the collection reads like a letter to brides. This collection is said to be “about understanding and embracing that one can rarely achieve [equilibrium].”

“During her quest for Balance, designer Kate Halfpenny allowed herself to be swept up in extreme moments of calm and chaos as the pendulum inevitably swung back and forth.”

In creating the collection, Kate “found that when pairing those opposing elements together, rather than cancelling each other out, the combination of the two extremes became greater than the sum of its parts. This alchemy inspired a magical collection to challenge and delight a new generation of Halfpenny London brides.”

Now, back to those beautiful features — just see for yourself.

Halfpenny London

Cascade veil, made with soft tulle and floor length


Halfpenny London

Reflection sleeves, made with silk organza and voluminous



Halfpenny London

Dandelion slug, made with a slouchy mikado pouch and silk organza


Halfpenny London

Dottee dress, made with taffeta and a dramatic V neckline



Halfpenny London

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