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Magical Twinkling Fairy Lights that’ll Be Statement Decor at Your Wedding Reception

Few things create a romantic mood more than lighting. And it’s all about the ambiance at weddings, no matter the theme, season, or time of day, so we’re talking with Brittany Bloom of Brittany Bloom Events + Design to shed some light on how to incorporate the ever-versatile tiny string lights that scream fairytale and twinkly.

The beauty in these twinkle lights is that “you can use them anywhere! You just have to use them in the right way,” Bloom notes. “They are a very unique look.” Whether indoor or outdoor, they are sure to add a bit of romance. Bloom tells us, “In my opinion twinkle lights are the smaller lights that really create that whimsical magic. Anything with larger bulbs would be considered bistro or string lighting, and is a completely different look. I think you can mix them but you have to be conscious of how you're bringing it all together.”

 Fairytale twinkle lights wedding
Fairytale twinkle lights wedding

So what are some ways to use them at your wedding?

Draping them as a curtain is one very bold way. Bloom explains, “We recently did a whole backdrop across a window wall with twinkle lights and had drapery in front. It was stunning! For something more Christmasy incorporating them into the centerpieces at a reception or through garland is always a nice touch.” You could also incorporate them with lanterns or flower-filled vases.

“With a clear tent the possibilities are endless (with the right budget) — twinkle light walls and bringing it up to the ceiling would [also] be gorgeous,” according to Bloom. Alternatively, you could tent the lights, bringing them to a high peak over a dance floor.

Then there’s the options of dangling strands from the ceiling, making it look like it’s raining lights; or wrapping them around trees.

Fairytale twinkle lights wedding

Whether you’re working with a limited budget and a few lights for a sporadic look, or a bigger budget for a more dramatic look, the possibilities are endless with this whimsical little touch.


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