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No Joke, Wedding Sitter® to the Rescue!

Weddings can be a ton of fun and in many cases, they are family affairs, not only for the couple tying the knot, but also the guests who may be welcomed to bring their children to the family-friendly event. However, it isn’t always as fun for the kids as it is for the adults. What’s the solution? Wedding sitters! So we connected with Jessica, the owner of Wedding Sitter, the go-to wedding sitters group in many cities around the U.S. who explains that wedding sitters are “an on-site childcare/babysitting service for . . . little guests attending [weddings] - just a room away!” What’s more is that wedding sitters do not need to be hosted on-site. While Jessica notes that working on-site at the venue is great because they can be “just a room away from the ceremony and reception area,” they also provide services at resort hotels, private residences, and certified vacation rentals.

Now that we got that down, you may be wondering what exactly a wedding sitter does — will they be just monitoring the children, or sticking a movie in for them to watch? While all that is true, they also do so much more. Indeed they do supervise the children, their meals, and provide general assistance, they also entertain the children with games and activities. Some of the activities Wedding Sitter provides include: coloring book activities, reading centers, arts and crafts & Lego stations, board games, hula hoops, jump ropes, toys. They even provide travel cribs and blankets! It certainly sounds like a child’s dream!

Still not convinced wedding sitters are a good idea for weddings? Just consider how many more guests might be able to attend the momentous occasion, stress-free and fully-focused. It allows them the confidence in knowing their children are safe, close, and happy, while they have a little adult-fun.

Wondering what this costs and if it will fit into your budget? Well pricing for Wedding Sitter varies by location, and depends on the number and games of children in attendance, as well as what add-on services are selected. However, there are different payment methods: some wedding couples may elect to offer the service to their guests, but sometimes parents of the wedding couple pays for this, and/or guests with children may decide to use this service on their own.

Check out our friends at Wedding Sitter by visiting them online. They are currently located in Southern California, Northern California, Las Vegas, New York City, the Hamptons, and select locations for destination services. But fear not, they promise to offer services in more cities around the United States by the end of 2023!


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