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Select a Wedding Ring Box that Speaks to Your Style

During the wedding planning process there are dozens upon dozens of planning details that call your attention. It’s stressful. It’s time-consuming. We get it, which is why we have put together some of our favorite ring boxes so making that decision can get a little bit easier.

You may be wondering why you need a ring box — isn’t a pillow to transport your rings on your wedding day enough? It may be, however, there are plenty of creative and out-of-the-box *wink, wink* options available these days. While protecting your rings is paramount (no one wants scratches or chipped stones), displaying your personalities and style is definitely a top priority. So we scoured the Internet and found lots and lots (and lots !) of wedding ring boxes available. Did we say lots? Seriously, there are versions for every style. Velvet. Wooden. Glass. Plastic. These little boxes can go from the hands of your ring bearer on your wedding day to a treasured spot on your dresser or vanity.


No. 1 High-Tech Remember Ringbox

The Remember Ringbox definitely has to make the list because of it’s tech factor. We got with the Founder of this genius and unique little invention, Maxim van Meeteren, who told us that these boxes are so popular because it’s all about presentation. As he says, “When you buy a beautiful engagement ring, you want to present it in a beautiful ring box.” And while he intended these boxes so couples can capture the “surprised reaction of [their S.O.]” during a marriage proposal, we love the idea of them being used to film the ring bearer’s perspective as they hand off the wedding rings.

Remember Ringbox


No. 2 Vintage-styled Velvet Ring Box from Flowers for Lola

A true classic — the velvet ring box. The vintage-styled velvet ring box from Flowers for Lola is special because it is a handcrafted treasure that allows for personalization with either initials or monograms. We love that you can have it personalized with your soon-to-be initials, making this vintage little box very modern.

Flowers for Lola Ring Box


No. 3 Double Pocket Wooden Ring Box from Gardens of the Sun

What is better than one ring box for you and your sweetie? Talk about considerate! This little treasure from Gardens of the Sun allows even your rings to share space. Or if you’re feeling like a diva, you can ditch that idea and keep it for yourself to store your engagement ring and wedding band in one spot. Either way, we are loving it!

Gardens of the Sun ring box


Photos courtesy of vendors; hero photo courtesy of Gardens of the Sun


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