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Selecting the Right Moment to Have Painted by Your Live Event Painter

The options are endless for live entertainment at weddings and while many are captivating, few offer a keepsake for the couple — and what’s better than a sweet momento from the day like a piece of artwork from a painter? For this reason, live event painting has gained popularity in recent years and we’re loving it. So we got with painter Alyssa Love from Alyssa Love Art in Austin, Texas for all the details on selecting the right moment to have painted at your wedding, because after all it is all about the moment being forever-captured in paint.


Deciding on the Moment to Paint

With so many captivating and memorable moments from a wedding it may seem impossible to decide on the moment you want your live event painter to capture. It’s a very personal decision, though, as Love explains, and “sometimes the couple wants a passionate first kiss as the moment. Sometimes the choice is based on wanting to showcase how beautiful the reception area and dance floor looks.” But what if you just cannot decide? Love says, “Many [couples] do their research by looking at examples of other wedding paintings and come to me with an idea in mind.” Ultimately, you want to make sure you aren’t being persuaded, which may only prompt regret later, so the best thing your painter can do for you is guide your decision by “[asking] questions about what’s special to you or [giving you] examples of what could be possible” like Love does for her undecided couples.

Alyssa Love Art Event Painter Wedding


The Power of Instinct

Ultimately, “if the moment feels right to the couple, that is the right moment,” Love advises. “I think couples instinctively know what would make sense for them and their style. It always seems to work out perfectly. Couples who exude joy in their everyday lives often pick moments where they are beaming with smiles. Other couples who have a quiet tenderness to them might choose a romantic first dance scene.” It’s all about trusting your gut and going with what feels natural. At the end of the day, it’s about being honest and communicative with your painter to get the end-result you most desire.

Alyssa Love Art Event Painter Wedding

Although, this decision may have you wondering whether there is room for spontaneity or if it is planned down to the wire. Love explains, “By the time the wedding comes, the plan for the painting is usually set. It is rare that I will veer from what was decided but . . . I may add in some unplanned elements like flowers from the ceremony or a surprise sunset.”


Live Event Painting Request Trends

We asked Love if she sees any trends among requested moments from couples, and she told us lately it’s usually a kiss. “Not necessarily the first kiss [but] more and more couples specifically want me to capture the dip kiss at the aisle exit. It is such a dramatic moment with [an] exaggerated dip and the crowd cheering them on.”

Alyssa Love Art Event Painter Wedding


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