Spring has Sprung: Spring Wedding Ideas

Fuchsia and green. Navy and blush. Tulle ballgowns. Flowers. Warmer weather. It’s finally spring, ladies! What a wonderful time to be planning a wedding or wedding your beau. Something about this time of year makes everything feel so right, whether it’s the astounding colors in flowers and fashion or the warm weather that invites a beautiful beach wedding (depending on the state, of course!). It doesn’t matter how many decades pass, one thing remains: spring is a wonderful time for a happy couple. And it’s even more wonderful for those who are planning a wedding for the following spring.

Begin to get inspiration from everything around you, you’ll find there’s so much spring has to offer. From an array of flower bouquet options (picture a bouquet of tulips, hydrangeas, or daffodils) to springtime-themed cake designs (imagine a strawberry purée filling or chocolate cherry ganache). There’s so many options to choose from. Don’t want a cake, but instead a beautiful dessert table with carefully crafted designs? What about yellow rose cupcakes or berry parfaits? The ideas are endless. If you’re planning a wedding for the springtime, don’t hesitate to ask your vendors for what you want, even if it is a handmade love nest atop your wedding cake. All ideas are good ideas, especially when they’re your dreams.

Of course, often times a budget may feel burdensome or like it’s getting in the way of your dream, but chances are there’s another idea that’s attainable and just as perfect, maybe even exactly what you want. There’s always another option and it’s our job as your planner to make your wonderful dreams become a reality. Happy spring everyone, and happy planning!