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Styling Your Wedding Invitation Suite to be Modern and Chic

Invitation suite styles are always in flux, especially as the trends change, but one thing that never changes is the sleek simplicity more modern couple’s appreciate. That’s also one thing that never goes out of style — simplicity. So if you fancy yourself a modern couple and are looking for invitation styles best suited for you, then look no further because we chatted with Karin Webster, Founder and Stationer behind Blue Bonsai Printing, for all the advice and ideas you’ll need.

The Modern Couple’s Style

“In my opinion, the modern couple’s style includes a cleaner, simpler style but uses other ways to add a touch of elegance and detail. Using textured cardstock, colored cardstock, double thick cardstock, colored envelopes and guest addresses printed on envelopes are all wonderful and subtle ways to elevate the details and be more modern,” Webster explains.

And this is on par with the trends for 2023, which she says includes “the continued use of different colored cardstocks and unique shapes including arches, circles and even wavy edges.” Indeed, she notes “the most popular design request right now is combining different color cardstocks in the suite.”

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Silhouettes, Color and Textures

Another way to elevate a modern invitation suite is to consider arched silhouettes. “A full arch or a half arch are both very modern.”

In terms of color, sometimes it’s about the lack of color as might be the case for the modern couple. Webster notes, “Black and gray are very modern. But those don't always fit the feel of the wedding or the couple as sometimes they can seem too industrial or not fit the color scheme. Regardless of the color picked, using a single, bold color is very modern. Using one color across the suite makes for a very clean and modern look.”

When talking textures, “using a texture on the cardstock fits a modern design quite well. Linen, cotton and eggshell textures are great. These add a very subtle detail to the design,” according to Webster.

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