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Wedding Bouquet Turned 3D Artwork with Wildflower Preservation

So you tied the knot, and fell in love with your wedding bouquet. Or maybe you’re still planning your wedding, but know your florist is going to make your wedding bouquet utterly magnificent. Of course you want to preserve it, and rightly so. But unlike preserving your wedding gown, you don’t want to just put it in a bag or box, you want to proudly display your bouquet. Turn it into a piece of artwork, something functional perhaps. Thanks to bouquet preservation companies, like Wildflower Preservation, your dream can be fulfilled using three-dimensional resign preservation methods. “Resin preservation art gives our customers a uniquely three-dimensional designed piece while also providing a wide variety of products to choose from,” explains Kali Miller, owner of Wildflower Preservation.


Preservation Options

Since “resin art allows the flowers to mostly hold their original shape and color, giving the products a close resemblance to their original form,” wedding bouquets are a popular arrangement to preserve; however, at Wildflower Preservation, that’s not all. Countless times, Miller notes she has been asked to work with “boutonnières, wrist corsages, bridesmaids bouquets, floral crowns, and table arrangements.” Alongside working with flowers, they have also had clients send them “family heirlooms, like old wedding rings, jewelry, ribbon, and small photos to incorporate in their preserved heirlooms.”

And the options don’t end there, either! Wildflower Preservation offers a variety of products to choose from to have your flowers preserved in! Some of their most popular products couples choose include their “clear tray, bookends, ring holders, coasters and their traditional 10x10 block.” For those of you who cannot decide, they make it easy, offering three bridal packages that include some of their top-featured items at a discounted rate.

Wildflower Preservation Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Wildflower Preservation Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Wildflower Preservation Wedding Bouquet Preservation


Average Pricing for Bouquet Preservation

At Wildflower Preservation, the price of preserving a standard bouquet varies based on the products you choose to have your flowers displayed in. According to Miller, though, some of their most popular products that brides typically choose to preserve their bouquet in are priced between $500 and $700 on average. So when it comes to budgeting for your wedding, remember to consider preserving your wedding bouquet, because at Wildflower Preservation these resin art items are “made to last a lifetime!” as Miller proudly declares.


Florals to Last a Lifetime

According to Miller, who explains the floral preservation process to us, “Preserving flowers in resin is a very hands-on process that includes intricate steps to ensure the quality of [their] products. The first thing [they] do once receiving a client’s bouquet is breakdown the bouquet and arrange them in [their] drying bins where they will remain for roughly one to two weeks (depending on the flower type) to ensure all remaining moisture has left the flowers. Once the flowers have been properly dried, [they] carefully remove each flower from their drying bin to then begin [their] designing phase. During this phase, [they] choose a design that will best suit the product and showcases the overall feeling of the client’s bouquet. With the bouquet being both dried and designed, the next phase [they] enter is casting. The casting phase is easily the most intricate and time-consuming portion of [their] process due to the sensitive chemical nature of resin. . . . Because of this, [and] depending on the size of the product, [their] casting phase can take around two to four weeks. Once each product has been removed from its mold and has completely cured, [they] enter [their] final phase, polishing! [They] strive to have each of [their] products polished to perfection and ready to display!”

Now if you do the math on the entire process, you’ll note how lengthy it can be. Miller explains, in total, “from receiving flowers to shipping [the] products, [it] can take three to five months.” If you can stand the wait, then it may very well be worth it for the sweet momento.

Wildflower Preservation Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Wildflower Preservation Wedding Bouquet Preservation


Practical Tip if You Want to Preserve Your Florals

There is one important tip you should know if you decide to preserve your florals, one that Miller advises all her clients on — shipping and handling the original flowers. Since the flowers are the focal point of the pieces, it’s only natural that you’d want them to arrive to their shop in the best condition possible to warrant top-quality products. So Miller suggests, for those of you getting married over a weekend, to place your flowers in a watered vessel prior to shipping. And if you find yourself having more questions about the shipping process, Miller has detailed instructions to follow that can conveniently be found on her website at


Meet the Artist, Kali Miller with Wildflower Preservation

“I originally took advanced art classes in school but never really felt like I found my medium until I started working with flowers and designing them for fun at home. Friends of mine were having their flowers preserved back when I was getting married and I just really wanted to try it for myself. Then that turned into making some necklaces and ring holders for my friends and family. Then more people saw my designs for larger blocks and I just kept getting requests for people wanting me to preserve their flowers for them! I’ve always been told that I would never be able to express my artistic mind as a career because it’s so hard to make a business out of it, but my husband encouraged me to stick with it because I was getting such positive feedback about my work, so I kept doing it on my tiny little table in our spare bedroom. Ever since that moment, everything has grown to the point where we are now with two large rooms and a team of four all working together to try and make sure everyone has an incredible experience with their preservation. It’s been an enlightening experience working with so many wonderful people that trust in me to care for their incredibly special flowers.”

Wildflower Preservation Wedding Bouquet Preservation


This vendor was cited in the Winter 2022 Issue of Celebrate Weddings Magazine.

Photos courtesy of Wildflower Preservation


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