Wedding Dress Trends as Seen in Galia Lahav’s Iconic Collection

All right, fashionistas, we have the top 10 trends for Fall 2023 from Galia Lahav that are as sensational as you’d imagine, and will make you the envy of all your friends (in a good way, of course !).

Earlier this season, at New York Bridal Fashion Week, Galia Lahav released the latest collections: The ICONIC & DARLING Couture and GALA Collections. Each wedding gown is better than the last, but these trends from the ICONIC Collection you surely don’t want to miss! So we’re counting down to the number 1 and number 2 most popular trends that are noticeable everywhere since NYBFW!


No. 10 — Lace Overload

Galia Lahav Iconic Collection 

SCARLETT from the ICONIC Collection


No. 9 — Transformer Vibes

 Galia Lahav Iconic Collection

ZENDAYA from the ICONIC Collection


No. 8 — Thigh-High Slits - Because Why Not?

Galia Lahav Iconic Collection 

BLAKE from the ICONIC Collection


No. 7 — How Low (Back) Can You Go?

 Galia Lahav Iconic Collection

KRISTEN from the ICONIC Collection


No. 6 — Feathers, Feathers & More Feathers

 Galia Lahav Iconic Collection

EILISH from the ICONIC Collection


No. 5 — Opera Gloves - Hello, Drama!

Galia Lahav Iconic Collection 

MONROE from the ICONIC Collection


No. 4 — A Princess will Never be Out of Style

 Galia Lahav Iconic Collection

NOA from the ICONIC Collection


No. 3 — Drop Waist Gowns - The Lowrise Jeans of Bridal Fashion

Galia Lahav Iconic Collection 

DIAMOND from the ICONIC Collection


No. 2 — Crystals All Over!

 Galia Lahav Iconic Collection

BLONDE from the ICONIC Collection

Sparkles are definitely not going anywhere any time soon and you’re promised to see them on bejeweled gowns, appliques and glittered fabrics, so when it comes to the sparkles, rest assured there were enough sparkles to light up a whole town!


No. 1 — Tulle Galore

Galia Lahav Iconic Collection

VERONICA from the ICONIC Collection

This beloved traditional bridal fabric was reinvented and revamped this season. See it with voluminous skirts, sleeves, and short gowns. If you don’t want to take our word for it, take a closer look at DIAMOND (No. 3 above).

Galia Lahav’s Fall 2023 ICONIC Collection is now available exclusively at all Galia Lahav flagship stores, including Miami, NYC & Los Angeles.

And for more, check out the full feature of the ICONIC collection (and more!) in the Spring 2023 Issue of Celebrate Weddings Magazine.


Photos courtesy of Galia Lahav


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