Wedding Weekends May Be Just What You’ve Been Craving

    Weddings are exciting and fun for you and your sweetie, as well as your besties and family. To boot if it’s a destination wedding, it’s scheduled days out of the office — who doesn’t love that?! But, seriously, wedding weekends are on the rise because they’re great fun and they don’t have to break the bank (or your tight budget!).

    ICYDK: Wedding weekends are interchangeable with wedding weekdays. It’s not so much the name you slap on it that matters, but the extra time you get to spend with your loved ones. And that’s what these wedding “weekends” give you — more time with your guests.

    So, what exactly does it include? It typically consists of a get-together when everyone arrives (like a very big, very celebratory welcome), a rehearsal dinner, the actual wedding, and then the big finale of which is either a planned breakfast or brunch depending on when you’re planning on leaving.

    If you’re the couple that doesn’t want to rush the celebration and really enjoy the wedding and spend quality time with your guests, then a wedding weekend is literally made for you! It’s not just for you, it’s also for your guests, because they like you get to spend more time with some of their favorite people!

    Welcome to the Celebration of Love, Grab Some Bubbly & Join Us! 🍾

    Okay, so maybe a long title, but it gets the point across, right? Weddings are a celebration, and the welcoming party is only the kick-off event. This is the time for your guests to really get in their, have fun, and talk to everyone. Really though, if someone doesn’t know someone, then this is the time to introduce them, because a wedding is also a melding of two families and friend groups coming together and getting to know each. (It’ll make get-togethers down the road A LOT more fun.)

    “I Do, I Do, I Really Do!” 💍

    As promised, the second day of this spectacular event is your wedding. Walk down the aisle to your sweetie, say your vows and exchange rings, and then it’s time to dance the rest of the night away at your reception.

    Brunch & Farewell 🎉

    Whether you decide to host a breakfast or a brunch on your third day, it’s an opportunity to say farewell and thank your guests. Goodbyes are never fun, especially not after an awesome wedding, but this send-off allows for more time to say goodbye and really thank everyone for the role they played in making your wedding marvelous. This may even call for a mimosa… who knows?