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Prepared by a contracts lawyer, these ready-to-use downloadable contracts have everything you need for your specific industry or profession. As a bonus, they don’t have any of that legal jargon, while still being valid, making them client-friendly!

DIY Vendor Contract Checklist
DIY Vendor Contract Checklist - Wedding Day Match
Catering Agreement
Contract for DJ Services
Contract for Musician Services
Contract for Photography Services
Contract for Hair and/or Makeup Services
Contract for Videography Services
Contract for Wedding Officiant Services
Wedding Cake/Desserts Contract
Wedding Planning Agreement

What Vendors are Saying

“I’m a wedding planner with not enough time to sit down and spend hours researching what to put in my planning contract only to stare at a blank page for hours, still not knowing where to start. That’s why Wedding Day Match’s contract templates saved me! It was so simple, just purchase, download, and go, and I had a contract drafted by an actual attorney, no need to worry or draft one myself.” -Rita 

“These contracts have everything you’ll need, they don’t miss a beat. And the best part? Affordable! I highly recommend!” - Daniel  

“My contract needed to be updated desperately. The Internet just wasn’t doing it anymore, everything I was finding was missing the boat on a lot of things. With these contract resources I knew I was making the best decision for me, because it’s not just another template by someone like myself (not a licensed attorney). So glad Wedding Day Match collaborated with an attorney to bring these to wedding vendors! 100% AMAZING!!” - Justine