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2024 is Bringing a Whole New Perspective on Bach Parties and Here’s What We Know

LBR the very best part of being a MOD or bridesmaid is planning the bach party. + sometimes the very best part of being BFFs with the bride is also the bach party. Oh, and the bride loves it too, no doubt about it. In short, bach parties are down right *the best*. Trust, I’ve been to my fair share of them lately (I’m in my bridesmaid era rn). So of course I needed the details on what’s slated for bach parties in 2024. ‘Cause after 2023 basically introduced us to the new wedding vendor — ahem, bach planners, ofc — I just know that 2024 is going to be the best year ever when it comes to bach parties, whether you’re a bachelorette or bachelor. So I got with my new friend Abby Prescott, planner from Blush and Coral Co., to break it down for me.


So right away, Prescott tells me that those long weekend parties are likely a thing of the past. “I forsee smaller groups and shorter bachelorette parties becoming popular; people will be leaning into smaller groups of friends and maybe only going out for one night in a city not too far from home.” That’s right, that means no more multi-night partying and drinking. Instead, she’s seen an upswing in the number of brides looking for more holistic tips.

“There may be one night out, and one night in, or no nights out at all. Brides are looking for craft centered activities (cooking classes, candle making, paint nights, ect), physical activities (spin class, private yoga classes), and self care (massages, spa treatments, nails and hair, etc). I see this in conjunction with the rise of the sober curious movement, where people aren't fully sober but they are leaning in that direction by choosing alternate activities to drinking.”

Of course, make sure you have those pearl-beaded hats and sunglasses, ‘cause gorgeous, those aren’t going anywhere.


Now whether it’s a more holistic-style party, there could be a whole host of themes to pick from. Prescott lists those she’s seeing already for 2024. ⬇️

Bachelorette Slumber Party

Last Toast on the Coast

Camp "Brides Name" or "Grooms Name" (where the theme is summer camp)

In My Bridal Era (Taylor Swift/Lover Theme)

Garden Party (with plenty of flowers, soft colors and boho vibes)

She also notes there’s one holdover from 2023 that she’s seeing stick around for 2024 and that’s the rodeo theme: space cowgirl. Either way, you best hold on to your hats, I have a feelin’ it’s going to get wild in here. And I’m thinking all of this is definitely worthy of my presence at these parties. How ‘bout you? Drop a comment and let me know what you think… I’ll start: for me, it’d be a T-Swift inspired event with an “In My Bridal Era” theme and we’d definitely have to find a way to work in plenty of self-care, especially massages and mani/pedis. Now you go. ⬇️


Photo from Blush and Coral Co.

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