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Because the Kiddos Want Something to Do at the Wedding Too

7 Activities to Keep the Kids at Your Wedding Occupied

These kid-friendly wedding activities double as favors for the little ones and let me just tell you, they’ll definitely keep ‘em off the dance floor when you’re having your first dance. Just sayin’… Seriously, it’s true, having kids at weddings is not an overly popular idea, but sometimes it happens, especially if the happy couple has one (or more) of their own. And kids need things to do, lest they get into trouble, so we did ya a solid and put together a list of kid-friendly ideas to think about. YW!

Kids at the wedding

Cupcake Decorating

Setting up a cupcake decorating station is such a fun way to keep the kids busy. It’s edible art, after all! Sure, the sugar high they could get might not be the best, but that’s why you can get with your baker for some lower sugar options.

Coloring Station

Maybe you have a live event painter or illustrator, or maybe you don’t but either way you’ll have plenty of artwork from the kiddos if you give them a coloring table with clipboards, crayons or colored pencils and coloring pages or blank paper. But please skip the markers and paint… no body needs the kind of mess that promises to make!

Face Painting

Caveat: hire a face painter for this one so that mess we talked about doesn’t happen. But think about it, how cute would they look dressed to the nines with a face that looks like a tiger? Those are pictures you’ll love looking back on.

Sand Art

Sand is not overly messy and even if there is a spill, it’s mostly harmless, so set them up with some funnels, pails and shovels, fun shaped containers, and colored sand. You can even skip the pails and shovels and opt for those plastic squeeze bottles the grocery store sells on the end caps for DIY dressings and such. The take away will be so pretty and such a fun memory, even the adults will love it.


There are so many options when it comes to games, I couldn’t even name them all, but I’m sure going to try! Bean bag toss, Jenga, lawn checkers or chess, I-spy. Oh, wait… this is a good one! You could make a list of things that’ll be at the wedding and give them instant cameras to snap photos of what they see (think of it like a scavenger hunt!).

Jewelry-making Station

This is one you might want some adult supervision for, but you could set up a table with bowls of different beads and spools of ribbon to create pretty necklaces and bracelets.

Reading and Nap-time Tents

This is not so much an activity (well, the reading is), but it’s more of a quiet zone for the kiddos, a place where they can lay down on big, soft pillows. Maybe with a few books or soft music playing from a small speaker.


Photo credit: Hannah Hardaway Photography

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