Bridal Portrait Inspiration and 7 Reasons Why You Need to Schedule a S – Wedding Day Match

Bridal Portrait Inspiration and 7 Reasons Why You Need to Schedule a Session

Bridal portrait sessions are definitely a southern wedding tradition, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in the south to get one. Held about four to six weeks out from your wedding, these sessions are a chance for you, your photographer, and a trusted friend or family member to get together and take those coveted bridal shots. It’s dedicated to you and your dress, and seriously what’s better than that?! So if you’re on the fence let us tell you why you *need* one. And if you already know you want one here’s some bridal portrait inspiration for you to dream about replicating.

No. 1: It’s the ultimate beauty test run

It’s your chance to see how the hair and makeup you’re envisioning will look and feel, and especially how it will photograph. It’s true, you will likely have dreamed about the way you’ll look forever, but sometimes the way it turns out is much different. Wedding-level makeup is no joke and could totally change your whole look. Making sure you’re happy with it will be key.

Bridal portrait session

No. 2: You get to play with your jewelry

Related to number 1, this is your chance to play with your jewelry and see what you like, don’t like, or simply want to leave off because it’s too much.

Bridal portrait session

No. 3: Hello, it’s another chance to wear your wedding dress

Okay so you know all those haters out there that will tell you it’s just a dress you’ll wear once, so why break the bank, thereby making you feel bad? Well don’t feel bad because this is just another time you’ll get to wear your wedding dress. Points for you! 😉

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Bridal portrait session

No. 4: Movement practice

You may not walk like a swan on the daily but you get around. Well now add a lot more material. You look stunning, but it’s not the normal. Now you can practice walking in your dress, moving in your dress and there won’t be any judgy eyes around, just those you love most (and are paying… your photog, ofc).

Bridal portrait session

No. 5: You get to try out different poses

Nobody wants to look dull in their wedding photos and while your photographer will likely have your back, guiding you with your poses and positions, this is your chance to try a few out and see how they look ahead of the big day. Do you look better with your chin up or down? Which side is truly your best side?

Bridal portrait session

No. 6: You’ll get plenty of keepsake or gift options

There’s nothing quite like a bride in her wedding dress. Everyone loves it, not just mom and dad. So now you have a Christmas gift idea for Grandma that you can get framed. And if she wants one with your S.O., well she’ll have her pick from the wedding, but this is all about you, her most favorite person!

Bridal portrait session

No. 7: Did we mention breaking in your wedding shoes?

Reason enough, I’d say! Breaking in your wedding shoes is a few days worth of work, but a bridal portrait session certainly helps. You’re logging serious time and plenty of steps. Here, I’ll help you get started now… you go put your wedding shoes on and walk yourself to your phone, call your photographer and ask for a bridal portrait session. You won’t regret it! Oh, and when it’s all said and done, submit it to us for feature. ;)

Bridal portrait session 

Photos courtesy of Dee Olmstead Photography

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