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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas that Incorporate Fashion Illustrations

The culmination of fashion and art is one that we are obsessed with and let’s be honest fashion illustrators definitely know where it’s at! So as we started brainstorming bridesmaid gift ideas for your girls (or guys), we couldn’t help but become enthralled with the idea of gifts that call on a fashion illustrator. And who better to weigh in than Deanna Kei, fashion and beauty illustrator, who has done her share of sketching for manyyy events?!

No. 1 Commissioned Portraits

Many brides will give their bridesmaids gift bags on their wedding day and slip a portrait of them wearing their bridesmaid’s dress in the bag. It’s the ultimate momento because it’s customized and a piece of beautiful art from an artist! Kei tells us this is a popular request!

Bridesmaid fashion illustration

“Celebrate your bridesmaids by gifting them a fun fashion illustration of themself!” —Kei

No. 2 Custom Group Sketch

Another popular idea, Kei notes is a group sketch with all the girls or a duet sketch with just the bride and a bridesmaid. She suggests these resemble their wedding day looks or maybe a favorite outfit. The beauty in this? More customizations available, Kei notes.

Bridesmaid gift idea

According to Kei: Sketches can be gifted with a frame or turned into thank you cards for after the wedding or proposal cards before!

No. 3 Personalized Bridesmaid Tote Bags

For a functional choice, you could order custom tote bags for your bridesmaids, with a sketch and their name. They are great for a weekender, perfect for carrying all the necessities, Kei explains.

Bridesmaid gift idea

“Functional, personalized, and cute, these reuseable tote bags will come in handy in every stage from shopping for bridal shower decorations, to packing for a bachelorette girls trip weekend, and all the way up to the big day and beyond. Let your girls know how much they mean to you by celebrating each of their personal styles in a custom fashion sketch on their bags!” — Kei

No. 4 Group Fashion Illustration Lesson

For a close-knot group of girls, you may consider signing your bridesmaids up for a group fashion sketch lesson. What could be more fun for two (or more) hours? Bring the bubbly, snap some photos, and leave with a cherished souvenir. It’s something to bring everyone even closer before (or after) the big day.

And for bridesmaids who don’t live nearby, you may want to go with something like a private live virtual fashion illustration lesson. Again, everyone can come together, but this time over their cameras and follow along for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Fashion illustration lesson

“Get your group together for a little pre-wedding fun as you each create your own fashion sketch of your dresses.” — Kei


Photos courtesy of Deanna Kei

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