Ditch the Jewelry Store for Your Own Personal Jeweler with Lisa Robin – Wedding Day Match

Ditch the Jewelry Store for Your Own Personal Jeweler with Lisa Robin Jewelry

Engagement rings, like wedding rings, are symbols — symbols of love, of memories, of commitment, of a lifetime. With something as meaningful as engagement and wedding rings, why would you trust the shopping experience to anyone but a concierge, if you will, someone who is experienced, cares about you and your partner, and will be there every step of the way? This is exactly what Lisa Robin Jewelry embodies — a promise of intimate service — and with good reason, owner and jeweler Lisa Robin cares!


What Lisa Robin Jewelry is All About

The promise of an intimate experience is tantamount to finding the perfect pieces. A close second is the availability of made-to-order designs. Both of which Lisa Robin can deliver on. And she doesn’t just craft rings, so once she becomes your engagement and wedding jeweler, she’ll be there for all of life’s other moments. So whether you are looking for a piece handcrafted just for you or simply need help discovering your style, then she has you covered. It’s online shopping at its best!

And if all that’s not enough, the brand is concerned with working with ethical and sustainable materials. Now beauty becomes eco-conscious. Just look at some of her designs — gorgeous, sustainably produced, and ethically-sourced jewelry — it’s jewelry you can be proud to wear.


The Adelaide

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 Lisa Robin Jewelry Rings


The Allison

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 Lisa Robin Jewelry Rings


The Chloe

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Lisa Robin Jewelry Rings 


Custom Crown

 Lisa Robin Jewelry Rings


Emerald Cut Custom

 Lisa Robin Jewelry Rings

Lisa Robin Jewelry Rings



 Lisa Robin Jewelry Rings


How Lisa Robin Got Started

Committed to elevating the jewelry shopping experience, Lisa Robin set out to shake up the antiquated approach of visiting stores that end in frustration and disappointment. She used her artistic and creative background and started sketching designs — designs that utilized stones from ethical mining sources or diamonds that were lab-grown diamonds. It was an overhaul to the experience and couples were loving every second of it, they were being catered to in a whole new way.

Now, whether you’re local to her shop in Dayton, Ohio or shopping from across the pond, you can expect the same seamless online engagement ring and wedding ring shopping experience. Designs that match expectations. Willingness to work within budgets. Concierge-level service that caters to every couple. Promises of inclusivity, respect, trust, and transparency.


Connect with Lisa Robin

Once you connect with Lisa Robin she will no doubt become your best friend (trust us, we know !). As an experienced professional she goes above and beyond and believes in sharing her knowledge and advice to make your dreams come true (again, we know this to be true !). In fact, we have called on her several times to weigh in on tips and advice for you and she’s delivered Every. Single. Time. Now, it’s all about her though, so how can you start a relationship with Lisa? Her website is her hub, the center of all activity. Hop on there at LisaRobinJewelry.com and either start shopping or chat with her directly, day or night. As your personal jeweler, she’ll be there to answer questions, give advice, or sketch designs. You’ll be glad to say goodbye to old-fashioned jewelry stores forever!

You can also follow along with Lisa on Instagram @LisaRobinJewelry + Pinterest @LisaRobinJewels.


Photos courtesy of Lisa Robin


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