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Fashion Illustrations are Unforgettable Wedding Favors and Keepsakes for Your Wedding Guests

Wedding favors are a small detail in the scheme of things when it comes to wedding planning, but they are big for your guests. It shows your love, care, and appreciation for them sharing in your wedding day. While you can order just about anything online these days and have it personalized to serve as your wedding favors, there’s one idea we are really into — guest fashion illustrations. They’re a beautiful, one-of-a-kind keepsake your guests will proudly display and, no doubt, tell all their friends about! Think about it, when will they ever have the chance to get their own illustration (especially when dressed to the nines) again? To talk a little bit about fashion illustrations for wedding guests we got with Nicole Jarecz from Nicole Jarecz Illustration, who just so happens to have sketched for brands such as Neiman Marcus, Saks, Dior, Jimmy Choo, and Louis Vuitton to name a few. So let’s get right to it!


It’s a (Fast) Process

Guests don’t have to sacrifice a minute of fun on getting their illustration. In fact, Jarecz says she’s found the easiest and most convenient way to do things is to snap photos of the guests — there’s no standing around and no waiting. They go from noshing, to a quick pose, and back to whatever else they’re interested in in no time at all. Meanwhile your artist, like Jarecz, goes about sketching, achieving about eight to ten an hour. And by the end of the night, they’re able to stop by and pick up their drawing, she explains.

And the end result (a stunning 5x7) usually includes all the details — faces, outfits, etc. They’re designed to be representative of each guest at the wedding. “This includes all the details from the pose, accessories and even a glass of champagne in hand!” she notes.

Wedding fashion illustrations wedding favors


Single Illustrations vs Couples or Friends

While it’s nice to have a sketch of yourself, we couldn’t help but wonder how common it is to get group illustrations done. And Jarecz tells us the ultimate decision is up to the couple, but she warns “the problem with illustrations of 3+ people in an illustration is who gets to take home the drawing at the end of the night. I do not have time to make multiple copies of drawing that includes 3+ people for each guest. I prefer that as many guests as possible receive a drawing at the end of the night.” So it seems like, while it’d be fun, it isn’t exactly practical, unless the guest is a one-part of a couple.

Wedding fashion illustrations wedding favors

Wedding fashion illustrations wedding favors

Wedding fashion illustrations wedding favors

Wedding fashion illustrations wedding favors

Wedding fashion illustrations wedding favors


It’s a Long Night

With the turnaround, you might be wondering how it all gets done. Well, it’s usually a long night. In fact, Jarecz explains, “Four hours is my minimum. Since I spend the first 30 minutes taking photos of guests that means I am only sketching for 3-1/2 hours. A popular time for me to start is cocktail hour when guests are entering. I am easily able to take their photos before they go off to enjoy the party.

“With that being said my minimum is 4 hours but I've sketched at weddings for as long as 7 hours. Everyone asks me if my hand starts to get tired and the answer is no! I've been doing this so long and it's honestly a fun experience for me that I don't even see the time go by at my sketching events!”


Getting the Newlyweds Involved

Now, usually if you’re a couple that is interested in this type of unique and artistic wedding favor, then you’re likely a couple who will want to get in on the action and have your own fashion illustration. Of course, lovies, when will you ever look so fabulous again if not on your wedding day?! So how can you commission your own? 

“If [one member of the wedding couple] wants an illustration of just themself or with [their spouse], then I absolutely am able to accommodate them. Sometimes the wedding planner will send me a photo of the bride from the ceremony so that I’m able to start sketching them when I arrive. If they want a larger, more detailed illustration then I am able to finish that up after the wedding.”

Wedding fashion illustrations wedding favors

But “if [the wedding couple] wants an illustration of themselves and all of their [wedding] party, then this is something that should be finished up after the wedding because it requires a larger piece of paper, more attention to detail and it takes away from the guest experience.” Remember, it’s all about the guest experience, right?!

Interested in more about live event illustrations? Of course you are, so check out this article from the Spring Issue of Celebrate Weddings because there’s a lot more where that came from.


Photos courtesy of Nicole Jarecz

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