It’s a Cozy Mountainside Engagement Session – Wedding Day Match

It’s a Cozy Mountainside Engagement Session

Nailing your engagement session photographs can feel like such an accomplishment and it is! As one of the first pre-wedding acts you’ll engage in as a couple following the proposal, engagement sessions are always fun, but can be stressful. With the right mindset and these tips, though, you will indeed nail it. So we’re going to use the photos from Madison and Asher’s engagement session with the talented Tapestry Films to lay it all out there for ya!

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Engagement session

Tip 1: Find Your Why

Sure, engagement sessions are commonplace. They’re on practically ever wedding checklist out there, including ours (see below *wink*). But ask yourself why are you doing one? What do you hope to use the photos for, another memory book perhaps? Will they serve as your save-the-dates? Once you can answer that, then you can determine the style or theme you’re going for, whether relaxed, playful, elegant or trendy.

Engagement session

Tip 2: Be Connected

It’s so important that you prepare for the shoot, not just by dressing smart or having your hair, makeup, or tan in place, but prepare as a unit. Get connected to your S.O. by doing something together beforehand or finding little ways to romance them. Make a day date out of it! That connection will be apparent in your photographs and make for one hell of an easier session with your photographer. You’ll also be comfortable and appear more relaxed and natural in your photographs.

Engagement session

Engagement session

Tip 3: Remember Your Props

Props don’t make your photographs any less meaningful. In fact, they can be used strategically to enhance the session. Whether you opt for hats, sunglasses, wedding newspapers, champagne, or even a cake (yes, we’ve seen them all !), they add a little something extra to the photos, giving you that many more memories from the session.

Engagement session

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