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Jewelry Styling for the Minimalist Bride

Happy National Jewel Day! And to celebrate the special pieces you treasure so much today we are talking simple jewelry styling. So if you fancy yourself a minimalist, then you’re in for a real treat as we got with Tiffany Hight, Founder of
Good Wknd (formerly Stella Grey Studios) for tips on styling your jewelry minimally for your wedding day.


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The Beauty of Minimalist Jewelry

Minimalist jewelry is quite popular right now, especially for weddings, and Hight reminded us the reason for that is simple — “it tends to be timeless.” She explains, “It’s a fantastic choice for any bride that doesn’t want to look back at her wedding photos in twenty years and feel like the jewelry she chose was too trendy. Sticking with a minimalist vibe also ensures that the jewelry doesn’t distract from the bride’s overall look. After all, we want to notice the bride first — not her jewelry!”

One way to don a stone and keep with simple jewelry styling is to opt for pearls. “Pearls are a gorgeous, classic look and are really having a moment right now. Pearls come in a large range of sizes, so there’s a perfect pearl out there for everyone!” Hight says. And of course, you know that’s true because we talked all about incorporating the versatile stone into your wedding in the Spring 2023 Issue of Celebrate Weddings Magazine.

Good Wknd Minimalist Wedding Jewelry

Good Wknd Minimalist Wedding Jewelry


Minimalist Jewelry Inspiration

Hight has all the ideas and inspiration you’ll need for picking your wedding jewelry — from head to toe (or ears to wrists, as the case may be ;)).


“For the minimalist bride looking for the perfect earring, I’d recommend a classic stud earring. Going with something really simple, like pearls or solid gold studs, means that they can be worn for years afterwards.”

Good Wknd Minimalist Wedding Jewelry

And if you’re plan on styling your hair in a classic updo, then you might consider having fun with your earrings selection. There are no rules here, as Hight says. “For a minimalist look, opting for a smaller hoop, huggie, or stud earring is a great choice. For a fun statement earring, opting for a bolder drop earring is a solid choice, like the Sylvie earrings, [featuring pearls, which are sold on Hight’s shop —]. Bonus points for a little sparkle, such as the Brigitte earrings [also sold on], made with faceted labradorite gemstones.”

Good Wknd Wedding Minimalist Jewelry

Good Wknd Wedding Minimalist Jewelry


“A simple, delicate gold or silver chain is the perfect minimalist necklace choice. The current trend is a shorter, choker-length chain. For an extra personal touch, adding an initial charm with the fiancé’s name is a beautiful choice.”

When it comes to considering multi-chain necklaces, remember what Hight recommends: “If a chain is fairly chunky, it’s best to stick with a single strand. However, if the chain is minimal and delicate, doubling up will look fantastic!”

And if you’re wearing a strapless wedding gown, you might favor Hight’s favorite choices — a lariat or a simple gold chain with a single pearl. P.S. If you’re wondering what a lariat is, look no further — think of it as a “Y” necklace, it’s a long, linear-style necklace with a drop of some variety, which could feature a single gemstone, a charm, bead, or bar. 


“A single cuff is the only way to go here. Opting for a single bracelet will add some glam and sparkle without distracting from the bridal bouquet!”

Good Wknd Minimalist Wedding Jewelry


Minimalist but Meaningful Wedding Jewelry

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that lands in the minimalist category but also serves as your something blue, then Hight recommends blue sapphires — “they’re sophisticated and gorgeous! To keep a minimalist look, choose a smaller, faceted stone to reflect the light but not distract from the overall look. A great option is the Adalene Sapphire Bar Necklace from Good Wknd. Many brides that choose a boho wedding [theme] are choosing simple turquoise earrings for their something blue, which I absolutely love!”


Bridal Party Jewelry

“In recent years, the trend of having your bridal party wear matching dresses has been on the decline. Instead, brides are having their bridesmaids wear dresses that compliment each other. [And if you don’t believe it, then look no further than most of the real weddings we’ve featured on our blog. So,] a lovely way to unify the dress variation is to have the bridal party wear a matching piece of jewelry. I recommend only one matching piece, such as a bracelet or earrings, so as to avoid looking TOO matchy-matchy,” Hight explains.

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Good Wknd Minimalist Wedding Jewelry

Good Wknd Minimalist Wedding Jewelry


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