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JFYI: These Flowers are a Must for Your February Wedding

Looking for blooms in February, these flowers are in-season.

Last month we dished on all things January flowers, what’s in season and available, and it was such a popular blog we decided to do it all again, but for February. Yes, Chelsea Gillette, Owner of Amuse Floral Co. is back and what tidbits she drops is going to surprise you. Stick with me because we’ve got 5 flowers you never thought of, trust me here. Everyone’s so consumed with roses or carnations in February, but these blooms will have you reconsidering your options. + don’t hesitate to drop a comment below ⬇️ and lmk what you think. ;)


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A great option for winter weddings, Camellia’s find their peak season between a October and May, according to Gillette, who also warns this depends on the region. Some even say the glossy blooms represent romantic love, so watch out Valentines, ‘cause this may just be your new flower pick. They are also available in a variety of colors.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

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Also known as the “Moth Orchid”, Phalaenopsis Orchids scream glam, Gillette points out. I happen to agree and find that any variety of orchid is a true stunner! “They come in a variety of colors and sizes and can add an amazing shape to your floral designs,” she explains.


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When I think tulips, I think Netherlands… I know, so cliche, but so true. Now for a while I had definite Tulipomania (yes, it’s a thing !) but while I’ve come to obsess over many different flowers now, I still have a soft spot for tulips. Symbolizing deep love, they are a definite spring flower, but Gillette notes that these flowers do “start to trickle into the wholesale markets a bit early from outside growers and add a nice touch of spring to any arrangement.”

Hypericum Berry

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Gillette had it right when she mentioned these because, as she says, these hearty blooms make a great addition of texture to any design. Now, if you’re thinking these are more appropriate for the holidays, you wouldn’t be wrong, but as she explains, they are still appropriate in February. Better yet, “Hypericum Berries come in a variety of colors including Pantone’s color of the year — peach!”

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A common filler, Waxflower comes in lots of different colors and even sizes, which is why Gillette suggests, when used well and in mass, they can be more of a focus than a filler! So why not give them a try? She also tells us they have an amazing citrusy smell… now tell me, how could you go wrong with that?!


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