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Maggie Sottero Designs Takes on New Sustainability Efforts

Maggie Sottero Designs has launched an international, company-wide sustainability effort and we cannot be more excited about it. Now they offer beautiful designs and a commitment to our planet!

The third-generation family-owned company stands for LOVE and love for ALL — including Mother Earth, which is why they are committed to creating a more sustainable future for the next generation and beyond.

Maggie Sottero Sustainability

They tell us they are on a mission to learn best practices, reduce their environmental impact and restore vital ecosystems, from Maggie’s beloved birthplace, Australia, to the Great Salt Lake Region they call home. They’re reimagining everything they do with a regenerative, future-facing view. The Maggie family is committed to being the change, disrupting the standard, and creating the future to ensure their brides’ love stories — and our planet — endure. #disruptthestandard

Maggie Sottero sustainability

"The viability of our future is predicated on us re-imagining all that we do. As a leader in bridal fashion, we have a responsibility to be the change agent for you, our brides, our family and community, and our planet. Systemic changes have and will continue to be made within Maggie, but we all must work together," says CEO and Creative Director Kelly Midgley.

Maggie Sottero Designs is working as quickly as they can to reduce their environmental impact, taking ambitious action in three key areas: Waste Reduction, Resource Consumption, and Biodiversity Protection.

Waste Reduction

As a company, Maggie is recycling everything possible, as efficiently as possible, from bulk shipping waste to diverting stock from landfills. By the numbers:

  • 2,000+ pounds of plastic shipping waste have been recycled with Rocky Mountain Recycling.
  • 100% of excess stock is diverted from landfills and into textile recycling programs and donation efforts.
  • 700+ gowns were donated to global charity organizations and design students, including Otis College of Art and Design in the United States and Liverpool School of Art and Design in the United Kingdom.
  • 300+ discontinued gowns were donated to Brides Across America, a community organization providing free dresses to qualified military, first responders, and healthcare workers.

Maggie Sottero sustainability

Resource Consumption

Maggie is working to become a regenerative brand by supporting renewable power projects, reducing product impact, and investing in the circular supply chain. They are reimagining textile resource consumption, reducing fabric usage, and scaling up lower-impact materials in our collections. And if that’s not enough, through their Blue Sky Visionary partnership with Rocky Mountain Power, Maggie is reducing its annual carbon footprint by an estimated 154,000 pounds of CO2 a year.

And by investing in the circular textile supply chain through their partnership with the Avena Group, 2,630 pounds of excess gown stock will be recycled into new fibers or products. Moving forward, Maggie is transitioning to post-consumer recycled content shipping boxes in all our warehouses.

Maggie Sottero sustainability

Biodiversity Protection

Maggie supports company-wide volunteer efforts in communities and habitats near our Scope 1 facilities and location shoots.

Maggie backs efforts to support healthy ecosystems globally and near our Scope 1 facilities, and by partnering with One Tree Planted, per-gown donations are directed to regional projects worldwide in honor of every Maggie Sottero bride. So now, you can be the change, too just by being a Maggie Sottero bride!

Maggie Sottero sustainability

They are also working in collaboration with International Bird Rescue and Friends of Great Salt Lake on wildlife habitat conservation in Maggie's home state of Utah and are offsetting 100% of business flights in a partnership with Cool Effect, supporting conservation and restoration projects to reduce carbon emissions.

Maggie Sottero sustainability

“We are rising to meet this critical moment for people and the planet. We’re implementing systems change throughout our organization, embedding sustainability as a core directive for every team. We are working as quickly as possible to reduce our environmental impact,” says Global Sustainability Director and Designer Patricia DeLaunay.

To learn about the full scope of Maggie Sottero Design’s sustainability efforts, visit their website.


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