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Make a Wine Tour Part of Your Bachelorette Party

The pressure is on for maids of honor who want to delight their brides-to-be and amuse their friends as they plan the best bachelorette party ever. In fact, “bachelorette party ideas” is one of the most popular search phrases in the wedding planning category and everyone has ideas to share. Whether you’re planning a bachelorette party for a conventional or unconventional bride, though, we’ve got one idea that is sure to be a hit — wine tours. Indeed, not everyone lives in good ol’ wine country, but you’d be surprised by the number of vineyards and wineries around the nation that offer wine tours. To get the juices flowing, we got with Kendra Diamond from Livermore Wine Trolley and Golden State Trolley for all the details on this fabulous bachelorette party idea.


What is a Wine Tour?

It’s a guided experience through the winemaking process with views of vineyards where grapes are grown and harvested. Some will even include a wine tasting. As Diamond explains, most bachelorette parties are on the weekends, so they last an average of six hours and may include a brunch or lunch at the planner’s option. In fact, Diamond says that her companies offer a touring of three vineyards and all-inclusive dining over a seated meal and wine experience. What’s more is that trolleys like hers can seat anywhere from 22 to 34 passengers, so this is definitely a time where more is the merrier!


Let the Party Continue

With these parties and tours, you may opt to have the tour party end at the final drop off location or continue it on your own — maybe a spa and salon visit, a bar crawl, or dancing at a nightclub, the decision is entirely yours. Diamond explains, with a trolley, it’s possible to return to the first winery you begin at since that’s where your car would be and where the trolley would drop you off at the end; and in those cases, how long the party continued there for would depend on how late the winery is open.


Other Bachelorette Party Ideas

A wine tour not your idea of a good time? We’ve got plenty of other ideas you’ll love.

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  2. Day cruise
  3. Night-in
  4. Game night
  5. Movie night
  6. Pool party
  7. Pottery-making
  8. Dance lessons
  9. Outdoor picnic
  10. Glamping
  11. Yoga retreat
  12. Spa weekend
  13. Afternoon tea
  14. Sip & paint

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