Make Way for Galia Lahav’s Darling Collection Designed for the Free-Sp – Wedding Day Match

Make Way for Galia Lahav’s Darling Collection Designed for the Free-Spirited Bride Inspired by New York City

Lovies, today we give some love to the iconic Galia Lahav’s House of Couture and the Fall 2023 GALA Collection — Darling. We just dropped the Summer Issue of Celebrate Weddings Magazine where we featured several of the wedding gowns, but we simply loved each more than the last so we had to make sure each was highlighted in some way. Here, you’ll find the rest of the collection to satisfy your fashion craving — if you’re ready to be dar(l)ing, of course!

Simply put Gala Lahav’s Darling collection is their newest GALA collection and was designed for the free-spirited bride, inspired by young professionals and joys of the city living with a glamorous twist. Every dress in the collection speaks to the designer’s authentic approach to creating gorgeous gowns for their beautiful brides. With this collection your dreams will become a reality, and you will enter into a world of wonder!


Sexy yet soft A-line silhouettes, featherlight ball gowns, sultry-fitted dresses, luxe silks, delicate laces, 3D embellishments, surprising cut-outs, and beyond are just a few of the bridal fashion details awaiting brides. These wedding dresses are designed to speak to the independent woman in love. Consider it a refreshing twist on bohemian elegance, resulting in revealing and elegant high necklines, low backs, cut-outs, tailored sleeves, drapery, corsetry, fluid skirts, slits, irregular hemlines, and sizzling silhouettes. Think color palettes in shades of romantic white and ivory blended with silver and muted blushes to create a sexy and elegant feel that any modern-day bride would fall in love with for her big debut.



 Galia Lahav Darling Collection



Galia Lahav Darling Collection 



 Galia Lahav Darling Collection



 Galia Lahav Darling Collection



Galia Lahav Darling Collection



Galia Lahav Darling Collection



 Galia Lahav Darling Collection



Galia Lahav Darling Collection


Oh, and did you notice the model featured was a recent Galia Lahav bride herself — Nadine Leopold. It’s just one more way the designer is connecting with their brides and building lasting relationships, not just lasting memories!

The Galia Lahav GALA collection DARLING is available exclusively at selected GL retailers worldwide.


Photos and video courtesy of designer


Photographer & Director: Stef Galea | Model: Nadine Leopold | Stylist: Gemma Louise Deeks | Videographer: @cinemax._ | Hair: Liam Russell | Makeup: Michelle Dacillo | Producer: @freelanceaske

Meet the Designer

Galia Lahav

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