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More Sustainable Choices Available for Wedding Desserts

Lower-impact wedding planning is really taking off these days and couples are finding options that work for them and the environment, it’s the ultimate match made in heaven. So today, we’re putting the emphasis on desserts for your wedding, because why not?! Plus, who doesn’t love to take a bite out of something that makes them feel good, and there are oh so many ways to feel good about your food… Enter: sustainable desserts. These are more about the company that produces the desserts and less-so the dessert itself, according to Katherine Anne Owner and Baker for Katherine Anne Confections.

She goes on to explain, “A chocolate truffle can be made from a wide range of ingredients, some more sustainable than others. If you have a chance, I always recommend getting to know companies, where they source their ingredients, and how sustainably their kitchens are run.”

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Now, Katherine Anne clearly explained that it’s not so much about the ingredients, but what if they matter to you? We get it… She suggests a few tips:

  • Make sure the chocolate is fair-trade, which ensures that not only are the cacao farmers paid a living wage, but that efforts are being put in to deforestation in the local area, schooling for children, and infrastructure.
  • Fruits should be from local farmers.
  • Dairy and flour can also be locally grown.

On the topic of sourcing locally, she explains, “Focusing on ‘food miles’, such as getting items from a nearby place, is always the way to go. Get your desserts from a local business instead of having them shipped in, and you’ll be well on your way to sustainability.”

“We hear about all sorts of impacts on the environment, right? Almond production using so much water, cows contributing to greenhouse gasses … there’s definitely a give and take when we’re going to consume a dessert, which in and of itself is a bit of a luxury, so I tend to focus most on smaller portions and treating food waste properly.

“[The] treatment of food waste, ensuring the business composts, or even asking your venue about composting, makes a huge difference,” Katherine Anne advises.

Food Waste

We already know that really any dessert choice can be a more sustainable option if the food waste is captured for compost, but Katherine Anne also likes to go with something that avoids food waste in the first place, giving you the most to eat from it. “Focus on what you love and guests will enjoy. Smaller portions tend to be consumed more freely.”

And never hesitate in welcoming your guests to take home leftovers! Katherine Anne also says, “Don’t worry too much about using compostable take-away containers, as most folks don’t have compost. Instead, focus on something lower-impact like a cellophane bag (e.g., true cello is made from corn fibers, and totally renewable) or a post-consumer recycled paper box.”

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