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Oh, Just Some Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas

Your wedding going to be huge, a monumental time in your life, no doubt. But sadly it can also be one of the most wasteful times and if you love Mother Nature then you might consider reducing your event’s carbon footprint. Now, that’s not to say you should forgo the festivities or cutback on the details, but you might find appeal to leaning into some of the more eco-friendly wedding day alternatives — they are plentiful, after all. “There are several ways to incorporate eco-conscious elements into your weddings!” confirms Bri DeGulis with KG Events & Design, an eco-friendly wedding planner. And if you partner with sustainable vendors, as she suggests, then they can present you with sustainable options and alternatives at every step in the process. But if you’re on a solo mission, then you’ll love her a rapid-fire list of tips and advice she’s shared on making your wedding more green, so give them a look and see what speaks to you.

    1.    Invitations, day-of programs, menus and signage in general can be eco-friendly if they are made from recycled paper.

    2.    Another option in the invitations category is to forgo the hard copies of save-the-dates and go with digital versions.

    3.    Ensure local sourcing of food for your catering and florals.

    4.    Use eco-friendly floral installation materials like non-toxic floral foam.

    5.    Upcycle floral vessels; potted plants and trees can be used to fill large floral gaps and later reuses in your yard.

    6.    Register for energy efficient and eco-friendly gifts.

    7.    Gift zero-waste wedding favors.

    8.    Check with your venue or DJ regarding solar powered lighting options.

    9.    Reserve carbon neutral transportation and be mindful of transportation in general (carpooling, shuttling, etc.).Where appropriate you can utilize a shuttle service to transport guests instead of on-own transportation.

    10.    Replace single use plastics with rented, reusable tableware.

    11.    And in general, always opt for rented or secondhand items as opposed to purchasing new.


Photo courtesy of KG Events & Design


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