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Popular (and Lucky) 2024 Wedding Dates Plus Advice from an Expert

If you plan on tying the knot in 2024, you’ll want to consider these dates and this advice when picking your wedding date.

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After getting engaged your to-do list grows exponentially. I’m getting hives just thinking about it. Luckily, with the right team of vendors a lot of that stress can be alleviated, but before you can get there you’ll need to nail down a wedding date. It’s the first step in finding vendors, a venue, and getting your save-the-dates out. But it also comes with its own set of pressures — finding the right date is no small feat. You’re competing with millions of couples and it needs to be something meaningful to you and auspicious to get your marriage started on the right foot… no pressure or anything! To help we’ve consulted with the universe for some zodiac and numerology supercharged dates in 2024, and a wedding planner for good measure who’s breaking down the most popular dates, dates to avoid, and advice for actually picking your date.

Meet the Expert

Sarah Barlow, Owner and Lead Wedding Planner at Weddings by Design Our Travel

Popular Wedding Dates in 2024

The repeating number date trend continues, according to Barlow, who says she’s seen 2/4/24 and 4/2/24 being popular. And bonus, 2/4/24 is on a Saturday, which continues to be popular, she notes. It is after all the most sought-after day to get married.

Another popular date is 2/24/24. This date is another repeating number date, but doubling down on that it’s also a Saturday and a full moon. Full moons, after all, are when the moon is at its best, when energy abounds and emotion and passion are heightened. So it’s only natural that getting married on a full moon is very popular, and there’s one a month so you have plenty of options there, but looking to astrology you can really tell whether that new moon is right for you. Does it harness all the energy you’re looking for?

New moons are also lucky in the zodiac and you’ve got one a month there to pick from, too, except November where there’s two — November 1st and 30th. New moons are said to be the opposite of a full moon. It’s about direction and when intentions should be set. What better intention than that to commit to your vows? There are two new moons that are showing popularity for 2024 — March 10th and June 6th. Sadly neither are on a Saturday, but both are lucky.

The summer solstice on June 21st is another popular pick, falling on a Friday, it’s the next best day to wed besides a Saturday. The longest day and shortest night, this solstice is said to symbolize growth, abundance and new beginnings due to the positions of the sun, moon, stars and planets. You could say it’s astrologically lucky, making it an excellent choice for a wedding date. Andddd because it’s on a Friday, it might be financially lucky for you, too, saving you a few bucks on certain wedding vendors, just sayin’.

Another repeating number date that’s getting some love, according to Barlow, is 8/24/24. And yes, it falls on a Saturday. But the real draw to this date is the number 8, which is considered lucky in many cultures, suggesting wealth and good fortune.

Other popular dates are those that fall on what we know as three-day weekends or holiday weekends. But a word of caution on how expensive it is to get married on a holiday, or even a Saturday for those holiday weekends, so if you must then we suggest you look to a Friday or Saturday. But if the holiday weekend craze is just too much for you, then you might thinking that those are dates to avoid, and I’d agree with you. So let’s get right to those dates to avoid in 2024, shall we?

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Dates to Avoid in 2024

Barlow confirms, “When we walk through date options with our couples, we always point out any dates around the holidays. Room rates for resorts . . . tend to be much higher (and resorts are busier!) surrounding the holidays.” And if you’re planning a destination wedding, then she says, “We also tend to steer away from Sunday and Monday wedding dates, due to vendors having limited availability in certain destinations.”

For the same reasons, you might want to avoid those sought-after Saturdays in what we call wedding season, from May to October.

And if you’re as superstitious as I am, then you’ll want to avoid Friday the 13th like the plague. In 2024 we have two of those — September 13th and December 13th.

Advice for Picking Your Date

Gone are the days where it’s only acceptable to get married only on a Saturday, which opens you up to so many options it can make your head spin and if the popular dates (or by contrast the dates to avoid) doesn’t help you any, then Barlow has you covered. She advises, “Take your time, sit down over a glass of wine and really look at what works for you. If you’re still undecided, [a wedding planner can] help break it down for you by season or month based on the [location or] destination you love.”

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