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QQ: Why Do I Need a Social Content Creator for My Wedding?

Social media is such a big part of our lives that it’s hard to not think about it on the daily. And as sad as it is, even during special moments, like weddings. Unplugging is a challenge, especially when there’s so much content to be had. But it certainly can take away from the moment, that live-in-the-moment feeling, which is why so many couples these days have been opting to have unplugged weddings. Let’s face it, we’ve all been to at least one where the couple asks that phones be put away and at the end of the day it was just that much more memorable and enjoyable for everyone. Guess there’s something to it. . . . But what about all those social-worthy wedding moments? There’s a solution: content creators! Yes, you can hire someone for that. Crazy? Not necessarily. It’s quite genius in fact. So get ready, because after we dish on all the details on why you need to hire a social content creator for your wedding, you’ll be running (not walking) to go hire one.

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Let’s introduce our experts because you know we’ve got ‘em to share their insights — two of the sweetest people we know, and talented to boot. Franki Priore with Captured Mems and Samantha Gentile with So Bridal Social.

WTF is a Wedding Content Creator?

Let’s just say what Gentile says: “a content creator is like a videographer’s younger cousin.” Perfect, right? We think so! Wedding content creators are creatives who “give couples hundreds of pictures and videos within 24 hours of their wedding to hold them over until their professional shots come back!” as Priore puts it. Both experts agree that an iPhone is their technology of choice, among some other pieces of equipment (but more on that later), which is how they get that un-edited content that looks as if it came from a guests’ “point of view,” according to Priore.

Gentile tells us it’s all about that easy-to-consume content that makes the couple who they are. “I want those quirky moments or those specific details that are personal and perfect to the couple. . . the moments that are the most genuine, authentic and candid that truly represent your day.” Consistent with that objective, Priore notes, “Our job is to capture all of the behind the scenes and special moments of a wedding day, so our couples, bridal parties, and family members can enjoy their day stress-free.”

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Wedding Photography

Buttt Can a Content Creator Replace a Wedding Photographer or Videographer?

The short answer is no. As Gentile says, “A content creator is by no means a replacement for a photographer and a videographer.” Couples should still hire photographers and videographers for their weddings if they want that “very edited, polished, and for the most part staged shots,” as Priore explains. “We provide our couples with un-edited, raw footage, with a behind-the-scenes point of view,” she goes on to say.

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Likewise, Gentile explains, content creators do not impede either wedding vendor. “What content I am taking is not intended to be the same as a photo taken by a photographer or a video taken by a videographer. It is about the fun in-between moments and is looked at with a completely different agenda at the end of the day.

“We do not record the entire ceremony or mic people up for speeches. We don’t have numerous DSLR around on tripods capturing every single angle. It is a completely different kind of content all together!”

So Bridal Social

Captured Mems

So Bridal Social

So it’s safe to say both experts agree that the type of content you’d get from a content creator is in no way the same as what you’d get from a photographer or videographer. To that end, you’ll definitely want to find room in your budget for all three (or at minimum a photographer and content creator), if you’re vibing with this new vendor.

Since When Has This Become a Thing?

If you would’ve asked us about this three years ago when we were wedding planners, we would’ve told you you were nuts! Never would we have thought that this new vendor category would’ve become not only so genius, but popular. Thank you, social media! A big part of the genius is the way it’s handled, and well, the popularity is due in large part because of the couples. Both Gentile and Priore agree that one reason wedding content creators have grown in popularity can also be credited to as Gentile puts it, “a gap in the industry in terms of content.”

It’s about convenience, and that genuine, authentic, and fun content. That content that, as Gentile explains, is easy to consume and satisfies Gen-Zs, Millennials, and Gen-As; also that content that gives you an instant gratification, instead of waiting months for your professional shots to come back. After all, you can never have too many photos and videos from, as Priore says, the most important day of your lives. “The only thing that will last forever, aside from the marriage, is the pictures and videos from that day.”

“Content creators have officially made their mark and been added to the list as a need when it comes to wedding vendors,” Priore notes.

So Bridal Social

Let’s Talk Content

Edited vs Unedited

Most of the content you’ll get from a creator is raw and unedited footage. So depending on package selected and the number of hours they’re present, you could get hundreds or possibly thousands of raw photos/videos. The appeal to this type of content is that couples are then free to edit their own videos with the content as well, Gentile points out — “It is, simply put, as personal as content can get!”

But if you’re looking for a package with edited TikToks/IG Reels, you can get that, too, both experts tell us. And more so, Gentile explains that, depending on your creator, you might also get a few short videos that are edited as recaps of the important moments. “That way, if they want to look back and rewatch everything they can, but they also have the option to just review the ‘highlights.’”

Posting the Content

Now, with that out of the way, on to the good stuff. . . . What about posting the content — who posts it to your social channels? Both our experts have similar yet varied perspectives on this, though, so here’s what they have to say:

Priore: “Typically we send the couples their photos and videos to post at their own leisure to their social media channels. Usually, we are also posting to our own social media and Instagram story throughout the day while working someone's wedding. We also keep a story highlight on our page of each wedding we complete. Believe it or not, a lot of our brides aren't big with social media, but if they are, we do offer day of posting to their social media channels for them.”

Gentile: “I prefer to take the content and have the couples post it the next day. For me, I know I am very Type-A and very picky about what I put out on social, which is the same reason why many of my couples don't opt for the live posting option. However, there are some that ask for it specifically and we can absolutely make it happen. I have come up with a good middle ground, where I take the videos/photos and show the top ones to them when we get a moment, and my couples veto or approve the content before I post it on their social channels.”

Captured Mems

Hi, I’d Like to Hire A Wedding Social Content Creator

Don’t feel bad, wedding content creators aren’t just for couples who are famous, influences or obsessed with TikTok. Gentile assures, “Wedding content creation is for anyone who just wants the fun, funny, candid and personal moments of their wedding captured. It's for couples who know they put so much time, money, and energy into their big day that they want to relive everything all over again as many times as they want. It is for the couple's who want to see everything they may have missed because they were so busy.“ Sound like you? Sure it does! But if you’re still not convinced, then see if any of the below sounds like you.

Priore likes to say there are three types of clients:

1. The couples that really can have it all. They hire us, along with, photography and videography teams. They want ALL things pictures and videos from their day, and no amount of money is going to stop them from getting that! 

2. The couples that are more on a budget or simply don’t like a heavily edited look. Maybe they only can afford a photographer, and tell us to have more of a focus on taking videos for the day. 

3. The couple that falls in either bucket one or two with a budget, but they absolutely love social media, and want to have the extra BTS content to post on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Where to Find Your Content Creator

If you’re looking to hire a content creator, you’re going to want to find one in your area first, which may be more difficult than you think. Since they’re still growing in popularity, they likely can’t be found on any wedding blog (other than ours, because we’re awesome 😉) or on a wedding vendor directory site. Instead, Priore and Gentile both agree the best place to find content creators is through social media, mostly Instagram and TikTok (perhaps even a Facebook group).

Gentile also recommends you “use their feed to see if you like their style, their aesthetic, how they take content, etc.”

So Bridal Social

So Bridal Social

What to Ask Before Booking One

  • How many weddings have you worked before?
  • Have you ever worked alongside my photography and videography team before?
  • How do you plan on working with the photography and videography team?
  • If my timeline changes at all, are we able to adjust the times we booked you for?
  • How long do we have access to the shared album/Google photos for?
  • Do you have the most up-to-date iPhone?

And along those lines, you’ll want to make sure they have the right additional pieces of equipment to get the job done. . . .

Gentile informs us this is where a lot of variation between creators come up. “I think we all bring different things that make us feel comfortable so that we know we will get the best content. I am a very Type-A person (as all my brides know) so I tend to bring with me a bit more than I usually end up using. I would not want any circumstances that I could've dealt with to be the barrier between mediocre and amazing content.”

But what would that look like? Usually, Priore explains that entails an iPhone (or two), tripods, lighting, a phone stabilizer (or Gimbal as they’re called), portable chargers. By way of lighting, Gentile tells us that could be continuous lights and smaller hand-held lights, both of which she packs 2 of. “Do I need to use all the lights every wedding? Definitely not! But I simply rather be safe than sorry. If the lighting is terrible in a hotel, I would rather do something about it than do nothing and get worse content.”


A few last pieces of advice as to hiring, Gentile explains when listening to their answer on how they plan on working with the photography and videography team, you’ll want to make sure they express that they will work as a team. “The main goal of everyone on the photo/video/content creation is to get you (the couple) the best content. This also goes for photographers and videographers as well. If they can't work well as a team and put the best interest of the couple before their own. . . time to find a new vendor!

“I think in this industry some people forget what it is truly about: The couple!! If you can't feel that from any vendor you are talking to, you didn't find the right one yet. Your gut is always right and you really want to surround yourself with the people on the day that make you feel comfortable. So just make sure at the end of the conversation that you not only like their work but you like their energy, because that is what you are going to be with the entire day!” 

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With all these points satisfied, you’re well on your way to hiring your content creator so you can reminisce on the event the next day with all the content your heart desires. And you’ll have content that satisfies TikTok trends/ transitions or IG Reels to share with your social followers. More so, as Gentile explained, with a content creator, you’ll have “an additional bridal party member (and hype person) there to help you do things that you didn't want to bother your friends and family with!” Who couldn’t use that?

What Can You Expect to Spend?

Gentile says, “You are looking at anywhere from $1,000-$3,000, depending on the package.” However, as always, the cost may vary depending on packages, vendor experience level, and location. Other deciding factors on the cost, Priore tells us, is “the amount of hours covered, travel fees, and videos that our couples want us to make after for them.”

How About Traveling Fees?

Ah, yes, traveling fees. Fees you may want to forget about, but, ultimately can’t. Again, it will depend on the content creator you hire, which is why you should certainly make it a practice to ask them before hiring how they handle traveling fees. For instance, Gentile states that in her case she “do[es] not include travel in [her] packages. [She] do[es] charge for transportation and also for a hotel if it is a destination wedding.” On the other hand, Priore tells us, “Although it can vary, the range of driving travel fees are around $100-$300. However, there are cases where brides have weddings in destination locations that are ‘bucket list’ places for us content creators to shoot at. In that case, travel costs are usually at the responsibility of the bride, and package prices remain the same.”


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