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Sorry, But the ‘Fit You Wear to Your Engagement Sesh Matters

I know what they say, that the clothes don’t make the person, the person makes the clothes or something super close to that. While they totally have it right and what’s on the inside counts a whole heck of a lot more… I’m going to pretend they weren’t talking about engagement sesh photos. Because come on!! The most popular question asked when couples are even considering engagement sessions is what they should wear. It’s like worse than getting dressed to go to the office in the morning. Okay, it may even be worse than deciding what to wear to meet your in-laws for the first time. Alright, maybe not worse than that. Bottom line: picking a ‘fit out for your engagement session isn’t easy. Do you go formal? Keep things casual? Heels? Flats? Little makeup? No makeup? Full-on glam?

Most times we’ll see couples change outfits in the middle of the session, so they can have the best of both worlds, start out dressed fancy in a white dress and/or suit or man-tailored shirt and then switch gears to a more casual vibe. You know, something you’d actually wear on a chill date night.

Well, this couple decided to stick to the formal and full-on glam look because they rocked their entire session in their incredible ensembles.

Sparrow Eyes Photography

They looked picture-perfect to say the least, don’t ya think? Drop us a comment and let us know what you’d do or have done for your engagement session — casual, fancy, or both? But, first, check out more photos from this beautiful couple.

Sparrow Eyes Photography

Sparrow Eyes Photography

Photos courtesy of Sparrow Eyes Photography

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