The 2024 Atelier Collection by WONÁ Concept is Soooo On-Trend Thanks t – Wedding Day Match

The 2024 Atelier Collection by WONÁ Concept is Soooo On-Trend Thanks to Their Great Gatsby Glam Inspiration

This week at NYLBFW WONÁ Concept unveiled its newest Atelier Collection, the second in the line that debuted in 2023. This is THE most exclusive line of the brand as it is in keeping with the WONÁ Concept aesthetic we all know and love, but plays with bolder experiments of cuts and styles that result in the most lavish, one-of-a-kind creations for a fairy tale wedding.

Inspired by The Great Gatsby’s glamour, there are 20 wedding dresses and each is dedicated to the details, such as various types of ruffles, handcrafted 3D flowers, crystals, feathers, and pearls, to create gowns that draw all eyes. They match the discerning modern wearer, seeking a harmonious fusion of romance and individuality.

Of course there are just some details that caught our eye in particular, especially because they are so on-trend for 2024 weddings.


WONA Atelier Collection

The VESPER gown is an elegant ankle-length gown featuring detachable feather sleeves and a removable hemline.

WONA Atelier Collection

The RIO is the ultimate glam-goddess mini dress; it’s captivating with all the feathers and pearls, making it the perfect after party dress.

WONA Atelier Collection

The THELMA dress is a true statement with a handcrafted lace skirt and top, meticulously adorned with more than a thousand pearls!


WONA Atelier Collection

DAISY is the very embodiment of Gatsby inspiration adorned with an abundance of intricate beaded fringe and a stunning deep V-neckline that completely captivates.


WONA Atelier Collection

A mini dress crafted with exclusive 3D flower elements, SHERRIE was specifically designed for this unique style.

And if you love their signature detachable elements that make the dresses oh-so-versatile, then you’ll be sure to find a few options in this line too! Hint: Look no further than Remy or Alyeen. ;)

WONA Atelier Collection

WONA Atelier Collection


To get up close and personal with these designs (or any of their other beauties), you can stop by 

one of their two showrooms — WONÁ Concept NYC or WONÁ Concept LA.



WONÁ Concept

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