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The Best Destination Wedding Locations from a Traveling Wedding Videographer

With destination weddings hotter than ever this year, we had to compile a list for you of some of the best destination wedding locations. And we had plenty of great spots on our list, but we decided it would be tons better if you heard from an international destination wedding videographer who literally makes their living traveling for different spots to make those cherished wedding videos we all love so much! So welcome Petr from Perky Pug Films who is a true adventurer. Let’s get started.


“Every street, beach, monument, how everything is alive... Bali is an experience of a lifetime. It's a jungle with everything that goes with it! With the capital Denpasar in the south and the mountains, volcano and rice fields in the north, it's probably an experience you'll never forget. I would go back again in a heartbeat.”


New York City

“The complete opposite of all forests and mountains, a city that lives 24/7. The capital of the planet! I love burgers and the US, so I definitely recommend experiencing this city!”

P.S. This one made our list too. Hello, it is iconic after all… And all the seasons, ahh your photos and video will live on to tell the story of how beautiful it was forever!


“I was probably English in a past life. I love the English culture, the street food, the pubs, the style this city has. I love the cities around it too! Cambridge, Southampton and many others.”

Another spot that had made our list, too. It’s fit for royalty, after all, so it’s definitely destination wedding-worthy.


St. Giles House

This one isn’t so much a location, but a venue. It’s in the heart of Dorset in England, just south of Cranborne Chase. And Petr explains, it’s “ the most perfect wedding venue in the world. It's hard to say what it is. Maybe it's the history, maybe it's the size... it's a whole other world. You arrive and you feel like you're in the 17th century, dozens of miles from the big cities and the whole property is yours.”



“The centre of Prague is one of the most magical you'll find. It's kind of the opposite of NYC and a little bit of London. Lots of great views of the Vltava River, history breathing down on you from every corner. It's a lot like Cambridge!”


“Iceland is in a category of its own. Elopements here are the most ingenious thing ever. You combine an amazing experience, a wedding, glaciers, a great photo experience. Every corner in Iceland has a great atmosphere!”


Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Faroe Islands, Azores...

“If you love fog, a bit of mystery, hiking up mountains, deep forests and are simply more outdoorsy, I definitely recommend a small wedding in the north. You won't regret it.

Your Destination Wedding Place

And what we love most about this list is that Petr immediately recognized the importance of the couple, telling us that another great destination spot for weddings is: your place. He says, “That!s right! The best place for your wedding is yours. The place you love. The place where you might have met, or the place you want to explore (like Iceland)!” And he’s right… While there are so many amazing, exotic, and mesmerizing locations around this big beautiful world of ours, the place that is most right is where you feel most yourself. Something truly meaningful to you and your S.O.

“Of course, any venue you choose is great — because you'll be there, and that's the main thing! [It’s about what you’ve] seen and experienced. And that will be a great, breathtaking experience, absolutely every time [no matter where you go]!

“So it's mostly about if you're planning these experiences for your guests as well (or just family and witnesses, if you're planning an elopement). If so, the options are actually limitless. Pick a place on the map and go! The photos and video are then a great thing to share with your party friends when you get back, too,” he notes.

And if you’re not sure where to start, then scroll back up to the top and take some notes. ;)


Photo and videos courtesy of Petr

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