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The Soft Girl Era is Here and Begging for Your Boudoir Session to Be Timeless

Repeat after me: fearless is sexy. Boudoir sessions are as intimate as they get, and that’s often the very reason brides will shy away from it. All of the attention on who, me, when I’m in lingerie or something just as promiscuous?! That’s intimate. That’s just for my eyes and my partner’s. I’m not sexy. I can’t be provocative. I’d much rather wear sweatpants. Any of these things sound like the internal dialogue that happens in your head when you even consider the idea of a boudoir session? Me think so!

Well, good news is that they can be as sexy as you’d like, darling, and how comfortable you feel during the process usually depends on how comfortable you feel in your own skin and with the photographer you hire. But enough about comfort zones…what we’re really dishing on today is boudoir session ideas that are totally swoon-worthy and sorta trending rn (yes, in 2024….wow, it’s officially 2024!). That’s why we got with Kim Mendoza, photographer and Founder of Embrasse Boudoir.

It should be known that I was immediately smitten with her work when I saw a specific Valentine-themed boudoir session (that also happens to be her fave she’s done so far). It was a floral bath boudoir session. I’m sure you can imagine how beautiful and elegant that was… yeah, you’d be right but then even more so! Ahem, just go to her Instagram and it’s all there beggin’ for you to swoon over.

As far as the most popular boudoir session, that would be what is also on-trend rn, according to Mendoza, “The classic old money type of style coming back. Soft, clean romantic glamour.”

Now, if you fall squarely into the category of uncomfortable with a boudoir session, then we asked Mendoza what theme she would suggest for you. She tells us what she does for her clients when this is the case: “I would really get to know my client's style and try to work in a theme that fits their own personality. If they don't know what they want, I usually get clues from what they choose for their personal pieces for the shoot and suggest ideas from there.”

And pick a location you think would go best with your theme, or somewhere that holds special meaning to you. (Sometimes that’s in your very own place. 😉)

Photo by Embrasse Boudoir

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