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These are the Fall Floral Trends You Need to Know

Fall is one of our favorite seasons for weddings! The aromas are richer (fall candle in every room, anyone?), the colors are brighter, and the coffee is tastier (seriously, pumpkin lattes, can’t get enough of ‘em). You simply cannot dislike the season (try, we dare you). Really, though, the magic of the fall season is endless, and part and parcel of it are the flowers. Every fall, the floral trends for the season are a beauty to behold all on their own. So we got with Something Borrowed Blooms for some expertise on color palettes for the coming fall season. So scroll through and you’ll fall in love, we promise! 

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Shades of Purple

What screams fall better than an all-purple wedding? Inspired by 2023’s color of the year, Digital Lavender, they’ve crafted a collection that is bold and regal, featuring a combination of wildflower anemones, scabiosa, sweet pea, lilac, cherry blossoms, and delicate ranunculus, in shades of deep plum, lavender, and merlot.

Fall flower trends

Photo: SBB’s Marlowe Collection

All White

A timeless selection of all-white florals has been a *hot* trend for the year and works just as well for fall as any other season. It pairs beautifully against the vivid contrast of rustic elements or seasonal fruits. In many ways, it’s a modern chic twist on a southern classic. Opt for open and closed magnolia blooms, camellias, and gardenias in the classic color palette. The dark underside of the magnolia leaves brings an unmatched warmth to the overall aesthetic, making it a must-have for fall and winter weddings and events.

Fall flower trends

Photo: SBB’s Shelbie Collection

Terracotta and Greenery

Taking inspiration from Italian vibes, a sophisticated palette in the passing months of summer to fall, mostly white or ivory florals pair nicely with the addition of terracotta dutchess roses and Italian ruscus greenery.

Fall flower trend

Photo: SBB’s Olivia Collection


Photos courtesy of Something Borrowed Blooms

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