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This Proposal at a Botanical Garden was Brimming with Romantic Gestures

October became a special month for this couple when Taylor proposed to Deisi in the most romantic of ways! But that’s not even the best part about their story.

Having met in a CrossFit class where Taylor was Deisi’s coach, they never really had a first date, the bride-to-be shares with us. They built their entire relationship over long-distance communication! Now, though, happily engaged they can safely say they love spending time with each other’s family most of all. But how did they get here, you might be wondering? Well, that’s the romantic part of the story….

As Taylor tells it, “Deisi had given me only one rule when it came to the proposal… ‘you have to ask my Dad for his blessing.’ I took that very seriously, which in any other situation would’ve been nerve-wracking in [it of] itself. Deisi’s father didn’t speak English which made it all the more challenging! I started studying almost immediately while I was still overseas. I knew she was going to be the one. Fast forward and it’s June, three months after I got back. I had already bought the perfect ring and the last thing on my checklist was to ask her dad. I had been studying nonstop and was fairly confident with what I was going to say.

“I finally worked up the courage in August when I was visiting and was able to pull her dad aside without anyone noticing. Boy, was I nervous! In what was probably the most broken Spanish he had ever heard, I told him that his daughter makes me happy and I wanted to spend my life with her. Then asked his permission for her hand to which he said yes.

“After boarding the plane to head home and hanging up the phone with Deisi, I immediately called my best friend Trevor [the photographer] and asked if he’d be available next weekend for proposal pictures. Deisi was coming that next week and I already had it all planned out. We scouted the location, figured out where he and Brooke [the second half of the photography team] would be hiding to capture it all.

“So the day of the proposal [at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens]! I hid the ring in my backpack as we went to the botanical gardens, which was a surprise. We walked through, looking at all the pretty flowers and art. Before we left, we made a trip to the gift shop, which worked out perfectly because it gave me an opportunity to stop at the truck, drop off our stuff and grab the ring. I told Deisi I had one more thing to show her and we started walking.

“Trevor and Brooke were already setup on a park bench near this path that had tall rows of trees on either side. After passing them and walking halfway down the path I took all our belongings and set them to the side, dropped to one knee and asked for her hand.”

Engagement session ideas

Swooning? We warned you it was the *most* romantic!

Deisi and Taylor plan on marrying next year in Colorado and have already been finding ways to include the love they have for God and their family, the just engaged couple shares.

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Engagement session ideas


Photos courtesy of Willow and Oaks Studios

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