We’re V Much Ready for this Engagement Season – Wedding Day Match

We’re V Much Ready for this Engagement Season

Engagement season is the period from about Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day and that’s for one very simple reason — it’s the time that most proposals actually occur. Blame it on the holidays or the magnificent cooler (or downright cold) weather, but either way it is just plain romantic. Everything is better, especially with that rock on your finger, right?! We know… ;) And you know what else is better? Shopping, of course. So we’ve rounded up all the things you’ll need once your officially off the market + #justengaged.

Groovy Oversized Tee

Bride shirt

The comfiest top ever — wear on its own or pair with bike shorts or leggings. And if that’s not enough, they are also available for the bridesmaid and maid of honor, making them the cutest gift idea!

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Lottie Earrings


These babies are 14k gold filled with freshwater pearls (trés trendy!) + even better, the pearl can be removed so you can wear them as plain hoops too.

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Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Rose Quartz stone facial sculpting

The ultimate facial sculpting tool originating from traditional Chinese medicine to enhance skincare routines and wellness. Besides, all that, it’s made with Rose Quartz, the representation of unconditional love, so what could be better than that?

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Ring Cleaning Cloth

Ring cloth

You got the ring, darling, you’re engaged, after all, so now you best keep it sparkly (plus all your other jewelry, too).

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Linen Vow Books

Vows book

These handmade vow books are made from high quality linen and embossed, ready to hold your handwritten love notes as a cherished keepsake long after the wedding day!

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