Wedding Planner Abbey Nims Shares Her Planning Journey: Budgeting – Wedding Day Match

Wedding Planner Abbey Nims Shares Her Planning Journey: Budgeting

By Abbey Nims

Who here hates talking about money? I KNOW I DO! But, my dad is an accountant, so I have a certain affinity for numbers. Because of that, the first thing I ask all of my couples is “What is your budget?” The answer? Usually starts with “uhhh…” and awkward glances. It usually breaks the ice a little between the couple to get that conversation going. I am a big advocate of “Don’t go into debt for your wedding.” This may seem absolutely crazy coming from a wedding planner, but I’m 100% serious. Sit down with your partner and start talking numbers! Talking finances can be incredibly stressful and some people keep their finances separate from their partner and that is totally fine! But, your wedding is definitely something that you should financially agree on. You aren’t just marrying this person, you are creating a life with them. So be honest!

Come up with a number you are both comfortable with and don’t calculate in any money you may be getting from an outside source. This could mean tax returns, gifts from parents, bonuses from work, etc. These are things you cannot 100% count on. With this base number, plan for your bare minimum. Your bare minimum is your perfect day with the budget you have. Any other money that comes in, can be used to upgrade the things you already have planned. Fully hosted bar, bigger flowers, more time with your photographer, etc.

This is usually where someone would start with percentages, telling you what percent of your budget you should be spending on your venue, your flowers, etc. etc. This is actually where I have the conversation about "What matters to you?” or what DOESN’T matter? For us, we don’t drink alcohol. Neither do our families. We also don’t dance. Because of that, we have decided to completely forego having a bar, a DJ or a dance floor.

Our bare minimum is 5k. This is how that is breaking down as of now.

Photography: 30% - $1,500
Venue: 24% - $1,200
Florals: 24% - $1,200
Food/Drink: 14% - $800
Rentals: 6% - $300 
Signage: 2% - $100
Invitations: 2% - $100

We aren’t a couple that takes lots of pictures, but we look back on the pictures we do have so often. Especially since we have spent the last 10 years together. So it would make sense that we spend the most on photography. Now, I know that $1,500 isn’t a lot when it comes to photography. But, it’s an amount that made sense for our budget. As much as I LOVE FOOD, venue and florals are up next. We are looking at venues that don’t require a ton of decoration and florals are so dang expensive right now, that I’m over estimating just in case. 

That is all I’ve got for today, but stick around! Next week we get back to the fun stuff!

Talk soon!

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