Wedding Weekend Looks Inspired by Titanic – Wedding Day Match

Wedding Weekend Looks Inspired by Titanic

Has anyone else noticed that every streaming app has been picking up Titanic lately? Well, I've seen the movie at least a dozen times (you know you have, too), and I'm not sure if it's because of the movie's 25th anniversary earlier this year or because James Cameron is having a serious moment right now (thanks, Avatar 2), but when I saw it on Netflix (and on the trending movies rn to boot) I couldn't ignore it. It's a classic and on TV more often than not, but still the timelessness of it is real. It's as romantic as it gets and a total tear-jerker, but you sorta know that going into it. Which is why getting a box of tissues is basically a pre-req to watching the movie. Nevertheless, we're going to go with Netflix for a moment and have a total Titanic moment.

What better way than by studying the fashion from the movie? Besides possibly wanting to have a couples' Halloween where you dress up as Rose and Jack, you can literally modernize Rose's outfits for your wedding weekend (or whenever...). That's why we put together our favorite Titanic looks that you can shop today. Yw.


The Boarding Scene

Every single time this scene comes on it's awe-worthy. The black and white pinstripe dress Rose wears to board the ship is nothing less than divine.

Titanic movie inspired fashion

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Jack First Saw Rose Scene

With a look of poise and serenity on she first caught Jack's attention in a neutral lace dress. Of course, this scene was important because the way Jack looked at her was what everyone hopes for one day.

The dress when Jack first saw Rose (Titanic movie)

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You Jump, I Jump Scene

THE. MOST. ICONIC. This was the moment Rose was referring to at the end of the movie when she said Jack saved her in every possible way a person could be saved. (BTW, there’s an episode from Gilmore Girls titled You Jump, I Jump, Jack — told you, iconic.) And now it’s a romantic thing to tell your partner, the idea that they’ll always save you and always be there for you. *swoon*

Titanic Rose’s dress inspiration

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Titanic movie Rose’s red suede boots

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Promenade Scene

Ah, the moment when Rose first saw Jack’s artwork.


Titanic movie Celine Dion song scene

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Dinner Party in Third Class Scene

Probably the most fun scene in the movie, this was when Rose finally fully showed (and embraced) her playful side when she dined with Jack, her mother, Calvin and the others (donning white satin gloves) and then went downstairs with him to really have some fun. Her ensemble? Black and red beaded embroidered dress.

Titanic fashion inspiration Rose’s dinner dress

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Titanic movie dinner gloves fashion inspiration

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Tea Scene

This dress was memorable for the simple fact that it was the moment when Rose realized that Calvin was not a good match for her, allowing her to fully open her heart to Jack. 

Titanic movie Rose and Calvin

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Flying Scene


All the feels! An iconic scene needs the iconic dress, which was a blue velvet dress, of course.

Titanic movie Celine Dion song scene

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Jack and Rose Run Scene

When Jack and Rose ran away from Cal's right-hand man and Rose truly embraced a life of freedom away from the clutches of her mother, Cal, and her societal duties from the hierarchical status. Rose wore a pink chiffon and white satin dress.

Titanic movie Rose and Jack dress

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Of course, this was right around the time in the movie where the Heart of the Ocean had its moment, making its way to Rose for a lifetime. Blue diamonds all around! Want one of your own (or a necklace close to it)?

Titanic Heart of the Ocean Blue Diamond

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Titanic Sinking Scene

Rose had on a pink embroidered coat. It didn’t last long, but she wore it — no matter how short-lived.

Titanic Pink Embroidered Coat

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Rose Meets Jack in Heaven (Presumably) Scene

Rose wore a beautiful white sequined evening dress and this dress from Azazie gives us all the right vibes.

The Titanic Movie fashion inspiration

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